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September 17, 2015

He Got a Phone

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So, we bought Monkey in the Middle a phone.

It was time.

Over the summer, he has started to play further and further away from home.

While, in my childhood, I was out of the house from the moment I ate my last bite of cereal until the streetlights went on and my parents had no idea where I was, we live in a different world.

I’m happy to let him play away from the house.

But I want to be able to get in touch with him.

Also, there are all kinds of opportunities for him to have to stay after school, now that he’s in middle school, and yes, I work in the same school, but we actually don’t see each other all day long.

It’s great if he can shoot me a text and tell me what club he’ll be staying for.

So, we bought Monkey in the Middle a phone.

And, yes, he has texted me to let me know where he is.

And, yes, he has texted me to let me know when he’ll be coming home.

But my guy has a very short patience period, and so, often, when I pick up my phone, the screen looks like this:


Or, he thinks I’m bored and he wants to entertain me:


Then he discovered the camera, and started videoing himself pitching in slo-mo so he could perfect the process.

Very productive.

Then he decided to start taking pictures of me.

Not productive.

Then he discovered memes.


Except this meme says otherwise.

So, yeah, he got a phone.

God, help me.

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