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July 31, 2013

Mom Always Said, Don’t Play Ball in the House

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Okay, I’m mixing my Brady references, but believe me when I tell you, I am feeling every bit a Brady these days.

Marcia, to be exact.

Not the cool, beautiful, brushing her hair exactly 100 strokes per night, Marcia.

The one who gets her nose broken by an errant football.

On Sunday, I was having a catch with Monkey in the Middle, which I’ve done a thousand times before.

Either my game was off or the Benadryl that I had taken earlier that morning hadn’t yet worn off, but I misjudged a hard, fast ball that he threw my way.

I swore my glove was right in front of it.

It wasn’t.

Guess what was?

The bridge of my nose.



This picture was taken on Tuesday, and you can see that the swelling on the bridge of my nose had gone down a bit, but now my eyes were starting to swell.  It is now Wednesday morning and I’ve got two, dark shiners which are actually kind of fun to sport because I am thinking of all kinds of stories that I can tell people, although from the looks I’m getting, I think the stories they are making up on their own are probably more interesting!

I’m guessing that the ball hit a bit more to the right than to the left, but even the left is starting to get the tell-tale blackening underneath and in toward the tear duct.

Thank goodness my glasses didn’t break.

THAT would have been awful.

Everything I read online said that there is nothing they can do at the doctor, so I didn’t bother to go.

I’m tough…I’ll survive.

Here’s how I see it.

Life with Monkey Girl is going to leave me with a lot of emotional bruises and scars, as life with a teenage girl is apt to do.

Life with the three active little boys will involve a lot of physical bruises and scars, and I think I’m pretty lucky that, so far, this is the worst I’ve gotten.

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