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December 17, 2012

What If…

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Real Man and I were watching the 121212 Concert for Hurricane Sandy relief on Wednesday night.

It was a phenomenal show.

At one point, Eric Clapton took the stage, sat on a stool and started to play and sing.

All I could think was how very easy he made it look.

He sat on the stool like it was made for him, lifted that guitar and just started strumming…almost without even thinking, and played some of my favorite tunes.

So easy.

I turned to Real Man and said, “What if he never got discovered?  What if he wound up being a guy who works in an office and plays the guitar and sings to his family and friends, but never for the public?  Think of what the rock world would have missed out on.”

Real Man responded with, “Forget discovered…what if he never picked up a guitar?”

And I started to just think about how many people there are, like that, in the world.

People who have some incredible, hidden talent that they never realize because they are never exposed to the medium wherein their talent lies.

Picassos who never pick up a paintbrush.

Shakespeares who never write a word.

Athletes who never take the field.

Parents who never bear a child.

Teachers who never set foot in a school.

There must be millions, across the world, and I just find it such a shame.

I think this may be why I’m such an evangelist of getting equal education opportunities for children across the world.

Classrooms open so many doors to people, and expose everyone to things they might never come across in their daily lives.


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