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December 18, 2011

10 Things I Heart Today

Can’t resist ’em.

Sweet and salty, crunchy texture.

Totally addicted to these.

It’s dark, it’s twisted (much like the chocolate covered pretzels) and I’m completely hooked.

This week is the season finale and I’m going to be so sad to have to wait for next season!

If you like shows that make you go “Huh?” you’ve definitely got to watch!

This was the Christmas album of my youth.

It’s not the season, for me, until I hear some 1959 Christmas tunes.

So rich and soulful and beautiful…I am always loving this album.

And, along the lines of the season, is my love for the movie “White Christmas.”

I’ve already touched on this in a Five Question Friday post, so I’ll leave it at the fact that, this movie…I dig.

To go along with the movie, “White Christmas” is the fact that I completely dig an actual white Christmas, although is telling me a different story for this year.

Alas, it seems as though I’ll only have a white Christmas in my dreams, but thoughts of a white Christmas is something I am loving today.

Cuz really…who doesn’t love puppies?

Especially sleeping ones.

I love this quote.

I teach middle school, and find this quote to be useful every single day.

There’s just something about that building.

All those books, all that quiet.

The monkeys, the tree.

All of it, good stuff.

Sleeping, smushy baby faces.

Lord, help me.

(All photos, except the ones of my monkeys from and

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  1. I love that quote about being yourself too, it’s wonderful!

    Comment by crazysuburbanmom — December 28, 2011 @ 10:02 am | Reply

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