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October 16, 2010


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Bear with me for another non-family related post today.

I am always so completely blown away by the subconscious mind.

I absolutely loved my psychology classes in college.

Probably should have taken more of them, but I think I might have been scared to really know what goes on in this head of mine.

My Dad was a psychotherapist, as well as being a minister, so I am well-versed in what many call “psycho-babble” and can analyze people with the best of them.

But, the subconscious mind?

Seriously fascinating.

What started this little post this morning is the fact that I think it is so cool that your dreams wind up incorporating things into them that you don’t even realize are wandering around in your head.

Or, that, without you actively asking it to, your brain can protect you while you sleep.

I woke up a few hours ago from a dream.

In the dream, I was sleeping over at a friends house and I couldn’t breathe.

I was searching all over the room for something, but I couldn’t find it.

I found my friend’s inhaler (my friend doesn’t have asthma, in real life) but it was different than mine.

So, in my dream, my friend said to me, “I don’t want you to leave yet, but you better wake up and get your inhaler.”

I said, “Yeah, you are probably right,” and then next second, I’m up, I’m awake, I’m sitting in my bed in the midst of an asthma attack.

No problem.

I reached over, got the inahler out of my nightstand, took two hits and I was fine.

It’s awesome.

There are other ways that dreams are cool with what they weave in.

I could probably just have an entire blog based on my dreams.

They are usually pretty intense.

Growing up, I used to actually roll credits at the end of my dreams.

I haven’t done that in awhile, but very often still wake up and say “What the heck was THAT about?”

Ah, the subconscious mind.

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