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September 19, 2010

Moments of Absolute Bliss

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Last night was perfect.

We had been to Monkey in the Middle’s football game, where he played a phenomenal game.

Ran the length of the field for a touchdown.

Made a few tackles.

Was blocking like a brick wall.

Great game, and although he never shows it, he was proud of himself.

Afterward, we told the kids that we weren’t going to make a habit of it, but we would take them out to Wendy’s.

So, we go.

And there we sat.

The kids eating and talking and laughing.

Sharing the last scraps of fries with each other, and breaking up Real Man’s chili crackers, so that they can all have some.

They were quizzing us on the trivia questions that came in their kids meals and laughing.

Baby Monkey had food on his shirt.

Monkey Girl kept knocking things over, as she usually does.

Monkey in the Middle was talking WAY too loudly.

It was perfect.

I looked around at Real Man, the love of my life, and those kids who I love more than they will ever know.

And I thought, this is it.

This is what some people look for their whole lives.

And, to an outsider, it may look messy and loud.

But to me…it is perfection.

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