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July 23, 2012

The Land of Make-Believe

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We took another day trip on Saturday.

This time, to the Land of Make Believe, in Hope, New Jersey.

It was such a great day.

We headed in right at opening, and were surprised to see a huge sign saying that they only accepted cash or the Discover card, due to the fraudulent charges policies of Amex, Visa, and Master Card.

And, then they had a huge ATM.


Wasn’t an issue for us, as I had been saving some cash, from piano lessons, for such an event, so we were set.

In we went.

I went to the Land of Make-Believe when I was a kid and it was nothing.

I mean nothing.

Since then, it’s quite a bit different.

There are two parts to the park…a water park and an amusement park.

We told the monkeys, before we even left the house, that we wouldn’t be doing the water park today.  Just the rides.

They were fine with it.

So, here’s our adventure, in pictures (except where words are needed):

(Monkey Girl and I playing Miss Mary Mack)

(Lovely turkeys in Old MacDonald’s Barn)

(This was on the bridge on the path to the rock where Jenny Jump fell to her death, trying to escape the Native Americans)

We finished up with ice cream and a nap.

On the way home, we decided to pull into a scenic overlook to remind the monkeys just how beautiful New Jersey is.

Living in the burbs, you sometimes forget about the sheer beauty that is the Garden State.

The End.

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