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September 22, 2009

Real Travels

Okay, indulge me one more day in my trip down memory lane.  Tomorrow, back to business as usual here at My Real Life.

So, as I said in an earlier post, I was looking through my photo boxes the other day.  You may also remember me talking about my bestest friends, Kim, Erin and Michaela.



Now we’re all grown up (well, sorta) but it wasn’t always that way.  Once upon a time, we were teenagers.

High School 001

Well, as I looked through the gajillion pictures in my picture box, I couldn’t help but be struck by how many were of the girls and I.  I also was struck by how many of the shots of the girls and I were of us in different states or islands.

We were in the youth group at our church, as well as in our handbell choir.  Our youth group would travel every summer to Appalachia and build homes or fix up homes for the extremely poor families that were living there.  I remember one year, we built a bathroom for a woman who had never had one attached to her house before.  Another year, we peeled our way through 13 layers of wallpaper in someone’s kitchen.  We always had a great time, and we met some really cool people along the way.

In our handbell choir, we traveled around in the summer, playing concerts and entertaining the masses.

Here are Erin, Michaela and I in Bermuda with Sara, another ringer.  I loved Bermuda and have always hoped to get back there someday.  It was so beautiful there.  Clear water, hidden coves.  Just a beautiful, beautiful island.

Bermuda 001

Here we all are in Michigan, watching the fireworks on the Fourth of July.  (We were always on tour for the Fourth.)  To this day, I cannot be at a firework display without thinking of this firework display in Michigan.

fireworks 001

This one is of us in Michigan, outside of our hotel.  That tour was our senior year and was definitely the most special.

michigan 001

I could literally overload WordPress with all of the photos I have of the girls and I over the years.  However, I just thought I’d share a nice little trip down memory lane.  I know exactly how lucky I am to have these women in my life, and I like to celebrate it whenever I can.

September 20, 2009

Real Cautionary Tale

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You know the saying “The grass is always greener on the other side?” Well, I’ve always wanted curly hair. However, it was not my lot in life.

I was born with pin straight hair.

babyamychair 001 

My Mom would try to curl the ends to make it more…interesting, but to no avail.

amycake 001

Look at my face. I’m thinking of ways to curl my hair, even at the tender age of two.

craftyamy 001

 My friend, Snuffleupagus and I spent many hours together, contemplating how I would look with curls.

snuffamy 001

Eventually, Mom  just looped it up in an effort to contain it’s thick straightness.

buffyamy 001

It got longer and longer. Here I am, four years old at the Bicentennial celebration. Look how colonial. Look how long and straight the hair.

1776amy 001 

It was fairly soon after that picture that I was watching Sesame Street in my basement and decided to make a nest for Big Bird. I had no straw handy, so I used the next best thing. My hair. Only one side of it, though. Lopped a braid right off, right above my ear.

 My Mom…not happy.

Eventually, however, I became a teenager and gained control over my straight locks. I spent the summer after eighth grade at my Grandma’s in Ohio. Grandma, you may remember, was a beautician.

Three bottles of perm solution later, voila! I had the hair I had always wanted.

MichaelaandAmyHS 001

That curly hair made me feel wild.

amyshore 001 

(We can talk about the clothes in this picture later. I loved that yellow shirt with the black paint splatter. And how about those cuffed jeans? Oh, the 80’s…how I miss you.)

However, a perm must be maintained.

I didn’t have the cash to keep reperming, and I also worried that my hair would start to fall out if I kept frying it with perm solution. So, after a fabulous freshman year with my awesome hair, I began to let it grow out.

After four years, I was still growing it out.

GraduationAmy 001 

I still had the curls at the senior prom.

Prom 001 

However, by graduation, it was almost out and Michaela (who also is of the straight hair variety) had more of a wave than I did.

milkamygrad 001 

By freshman year in college, I was back on the straight and narrow.

Church1 001

While we’re at it, how about this fancy pose?

Church2 001

 What do you think I was thinking about? I wish I knew. It’s quite the pensive pose.

So, after all this, you’d think that the lesson I was trying to impart was, be happy with what you have. However, after seeing the perm pictures again, I’m itching for the curls. I’m 37.

I think it’s time to be wild and free again.

At least with my hair.

Gotta go heat up the curlers.

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