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March 29, 2010

It’s Been a Week

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So, it’s been a week since I saw my girls, and I’m missing them again.

I miss the way that they never say “No, Amy…that’s a stupid idea,” when I say things like, “Hey!  I know we’re in the middle of Bloomingdale’s, but why don’t you guys sit at that table and let me take a picture and pretend like Michaela had an Alice in Wonderland dinner party for us?”

…or when I take pictures of my food because it looks so good…

…and especially when it doesn’t.

They let me stage strange photos of them in an effort to figure out new camera settings that they’ve taught me…

…and don’t blink when I want to take touristy photos of them on the subway, despite the fact that two of them live in the city.

They don’t mind that I’m a fast walker, and sometimes get so far ahead that I cross the street without them…

…and are always happy to see me when they figure out where I am.

Most of all…they are just wonderful women who I am so happy to know!

Can’t wait until our next trip into the city!

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