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December 16, 2012

Last Contest of 2012!

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I thought maybe we could end 2012 with a bit of a retrospective, but I wanted to do a bit of a giveback, as well, so I’ve decided to make it a contest.

How to enter:

Simply select your favorite post from My Real Life since the very first post was published.

Then, share a link to that post, explain why it was your favorite and ask your friends and family to come and check it out.

In the comments below, tell me which post you shared, why you picked that post and tell us how you shared it (Facebook, Twitter, email, etc.)

If you share on Facebook, that’s one entry.  Share on Twitter as well, you get two!  (My Twitter hashtag is @AmyBozza ) Share through email or some other method and you are up to three entries!  So, if you are a Techy-Techerson, you have the possibility of three entries in the contest.  Don’t fret, if you aren’t, because you only need one entry to win.  Winners will be chosen by a random drawing, which we will video tape and post.

It’s fine with me if you tell your friends you are sharing the link in order to win a contest, as long as you do the rest, as well.

This contest does a few things for me.

1.  Increases my publicity.  Not only will your friends and family, hopefully, come check out the blog, maybe they’ll stay awhile and decide to enter their own favorite post!

2.  Tells me which types of posts my readers enjoy the most.  If everyone’s favorite posts are within the same category, perhaps I’ll beef up that category in the new year.

3.  Allows me to give you, yet another, prize.

The winner of this contest will receive a $25 Barnes and Noble gift card.

In order to make sure the winner can possibly re-gift the gift card for Christmas (because let’s be real…you know it’s what you were thinking) the contest will end at midnight on Wednesday, December 19th and the winner will be announced on Thursday December 20th.

So, go take some time and browse through the archives…find your favorite post, and share away!

Thanks for playing!

July 9, 2012

Caption Contest

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Okay, everyone!  It’s time for a contest!

Haven’t sponsored one in awhile, so I’ve decided to go with a caption contest!

Please enter the contest by writing your caption in the comments, below.

The prize?

A $25 iTunes gift card!

Winner will be chosen at random, but I look forward to some creative, hilarious captions, because I know I’ve got a smart, funny audience!

So, here’s your photo…give it your best shot!

(Contest closes Friday evening at 8:00 pm…winner to be announced Sunday!)

January 10, 2011


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It’s been awhile since I’ve run a contest at the blog.

However, I was going through old photos on the computer last week, while helping Monkey Girl find pictures for a timeline project.

I came across the photo below and realized it was begging for a caption.

This photo was taken over the summer.

We were dancing, although I think that there are a few things going on in this photo that could be fodder for some very interesting captions.

So, give it your best shot!  Contest will run through Wednesday evening.  Winner gets a $15 iTunes gift card!

August 1, 2010

Our One Anniversary Contest!!!

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Well, unbelievably, this August marks one year that I’ve been writing the “My Real Life” blog.

I’ve loved every single second.

I want to thank those of you who have been reading since the beginning.

Sometimes, I’m a bit much.

And if you were with me in the beginning and are still with me today…I’m impressed.

Those of you who came midstream, I’m so glad that you’ve joined us along the way and decided to stick it out!

And, for those of you who just joined us…welcome, and make yourself comfortable, because I’ve got lot more to share!

I thought I’d celebrate our one year anniversary with a contest.

Easy, easy, easy.

The prize is…

a $25 iTunes gift card!!!

All you have to do to enter is leave a comment below with your favorite blog post from the past year.

If you are new to the blog, feel free to look through the archives, found at the right.

It’s been an interesting year around here…there’s sure to be something that catches your eye!

Winner will be chosen at random.

So, truly…thank you for reading the blog.

It is a labor of love and updating the blog is one of the highlights of each day.

It’s a way for me to nurture my creativity and my writing, while discussing the thing about which I am most passionate…

…my family.

So, thank you and stick around!

Year Two is sure to be full of more surprises, contests, and lots and lots of pictures of the monkeys.

(Contest will run through Thursday)

January 25, 2010

Wrong Lyrics Contest

So, as the musical director of our spring musical, I memorize all the songs in the show each year, so that on the performance nights, I can sit in the pit and mouth the words to any middle school performer who may have forgotten the words to their song.

This year, we have 25 songs in the play, however, they are all 80’s songs, so it is the easiest I’ve ever had it!

I grew up in the 80’s!

I know every single 80’s song!

I know every word to every single 80’s song!


Ummm…not so much with the whole every word thing.

As I read the music and teach the songs to the kids, it turns out that I was quite creative with my lyrics in the 80’s. 

In more than half of the songs we are singing, I’ve found myself saying, “Wait?  Those are the words???”

Believe me when I tell you that this comes as no surprise to my childhood friends.  I guarantee they are reading this shaking their heads saying, “Yep…she sang at the top of her lungs, but always the wrong words.”

Who knew?

Some of it is pretty tame.

For example, in “Girls Just Wanna Have Fun,” I always thought the words were, “When in the world can they have fun?  Oh, when in the world can they have fun, oh girls…Girls just wanna have fun!”

It seems as though the actual lyrics are “When the working day is done, oh, when the working day is done, oh girls…Girls just wanna have fun!”

Not too terribly wrong.

Yet, still wrong.

Or, let’s examine “Footloose.”

I always thought that it was “Jack, get back, come on the four way crack.  Loose, you’re loose. Everybody cut footloose.”

Apparently Kenny Loggins thought this sounded better:

“Jack, get back, come on before we crack.  Lose your blues, everybody cut footloose.”

Oh, and this part (which I thought was) “Somebody to tell you, that life ain’t passing you by, I’m trying to tell you, in the middle of a whittle don’t really cry,” really goes like this, “Somebody to tell you, that life ain’t passing you by, I’m trying to tell you, it will if you don’t even try.”


If you like lyrics that make sense, I guess his version is okay.

We aren’t singing “Flashdance” in the show, but that’s another example, albeit a bit dirty, considering that I thought the line “Take your passion and make it happen” was “Take your pants down and make it happen.”  I could never believe they played that on the radio, although today, it probably wouldn’t even raise an eyebrow.

Ooh, ooh…or how about Manfred Mann’s “Blinded by the Light?” (Granted…it’s from 1977 when I was 5, but let’s consider it anyway.)  Even though I know the words, I still believe that “Wrapped up like a deuce, another runner in the night” is about a feminine hygiene product being rolled into the night and you can’t convince me otherwise.

I simply cannot be the only person who has gotten this many lyrics wrong.

So, our next contest is this:

Leave a comment below with a song to which you always sang/sing the wrong lyrics.

(I say “sing” in the present tense, because given the percentage of lyrics I had wrong in the 80’s, I’m predicting a high percentage of wrong lyrics coming out of my mouth in the 90’s and into the present.)

Winner will be chosen at random, however, I’m hoping for some really funny stuff, because I could use some laughs!

The prize for winning the contest will be a $10 gift card to Old Navy.

Contest will run through Wednesday night, January 27th, 8 pm.

So, tell your friends, and share your lyrical shame!

November 5, 2009

Next Contest

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I’ll be taking a blogging break until Sunday, but in the meantime, I’m going to run another contest here at My Real Life.

In order to enter, please leave a comment below telling me about your favorite book and tell me why you love it.  I’ve been slowly making my way through my book pile, and soon will be in need of some new titles.  It’s okay if I’ve already read your suggestion, because it could inspire someone else!

You can earn multiple entries by referring a friend to the blog and having them enter the contest, as well.  All they need to do is leave a comment with their favorite book, and mentioning that you sent them to the blog.  Then, both your friend and you will get an entry into the contest.

You can also earn an extra entry if you are a blogger and you add me to your blogroll.  In your entry, add a link to your blog.  This option for bloggers who are newly adding me to their blogroll. 

I’ll determine the winner by writing each persons name on a scrap of paper (multiple entries from referrals will have multiple scraps of paper with their names on it) and then selecting a name at random.

Remember, your privacy is intact, as all readers will see is your first name.  Your contact information is solely available to me.

The prize, you ask?

A $25 Barnes and Noble Gift Card!  What else could I give as a prize for a contest surrounding book titles?

So, while I’m on break, feel free to scroll back through and read the blog from the beginning if you’ve joined us late, refer a friend, enter the contest and enjoy your life!  I really do appreciate every single one of you who read the blog.

Contest Ends at 8:00 pm on Sunday November 8, 2009

October 23, 2009

Contest #2

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So, I’m still kinda down for the count, and have been encouraging the monkeys to play far away from me, so I haven’t taken many pictures and don’t have many stories to share today.

Not wanting to let my loyal readers down, however, I decided that it was time to run another contest!

This time, we’re not naming a photo…we are writing definitions for some words.

As much as I enjoy writing this blog, I also enjoy reading the blogs of others.  You can go through my blogroll to see what I enjoy.  I love blogs about life in the country, about creativity, from quirky people, and about people doing things I wish I could do, but just don’t know how quite yet.

I try to comment when something they’ve written touches me, because I know how much the feedback I get here means to me. 

As I make my comments, I’ve found a funny thing.  Used to be that when you would comment on a blog, in order to make sure you weren’t spamming the site with a computer program, they would make you type in a combination of letters and numbers.  You know, like “eom54LY8.”  You’d have to type it in before your comment would post.

Well, these days, most of the blogs that I read have a bit of a different take.  You have to type in some nonsense word that they show you.  I can’t help but wonder, who made up these words and phrases?  Some of them sound like real words.  They aren’t.  I’ve checked. 

There’s nothing I like more than making up definitions for words.  People will say, “What does this mean?” and I’ll say, (with authority), “It’s a word that means the sound of the rocks crumbling and falling into the canyon below as you stop yourself from almost stepping off a cliff.”  And they say, “There’s a word for that?  Wow!”  And I say, “I know…I know” and bask in my psuedo-intelligence for yet another moment.

However, I don’t want to have ALL the fun, so, I thought I’d pick three and ask you to define them.  Rather than choose which one I think is the most creative (because how can you define creativity?) I will choose randomly.  I don’t have a snazzy computer program to do that for me, but I do have the ability to choose through the age old method of writing the comment numbers on a slip of paper, folding the paper, tossing them in a hat and then, voila!  We have a winner.

The winner of this contest will get a $10 Walmart gift card.  The holidays are coming…could be a great teacher gift or a way to knock off a few bucks from a holiday gift you’ll be buying for someone else.

Contest will run until Sunday evening, 8 pm, so that all of my weekend-only blog readers have a chance to participate.

So, please, participate!  I’d love to see what you’ll come up with!

Here are our nonsense words: (Just like a vocabulary test, please make sure you write the word and then the definition, in your comment, so I know what definition goes with what word)

Brink 44 ¼



Oh, and here’s a little something to inspire you:


Couldn’t resist.

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