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November 19, 2011

Another Saturday Night…

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…yet, unlike the song, I got lotsa somebody’s.

Four little ones and a big one.

Still, gotta love that song.

As usual, before I even start, I digress…

It was a good day around here.

Lots of family things to get done, and then my colleagues from the school musical came over and (after holding auditions this past week) we cast the play.

It went smoothly and I think everyone left happy.

We finished around dinner time, and I realized I hadn’t planned for dinner.  Had nothing defrosting, and as I looked through the pantry and fridge, I realized that, much like Old Mother Hubbard, our cupboards were bare.

So, since we’ve not been out in awhile, I proposed to Real Man that we treat the kids.

We got in the car and headed to Wendy’s.

We had to make a quick stop on the way there, to pick up some food that I needed to send into church with Monkey Girl tomorrow.

Since Stop-n-Shop was on the way, we stopped there.  I’ve been in there only one other time, and we were only there to pick up a floral arrangement, which we got right at the entrance.

I never actually walked through the store.

Tonight, however, I had to get to the dairy aisle, which took me all the way through the store.

I can’t go back.

Too.  Many.  Things.  For.  Me.  To.  Buy.

Food, books, movies, everything.

I managed to get in and out with just what I went in for.

Well, and a tray of brownies because they just looked so good.

But that’s beside the point.

So, we get to Wendy’s and as soon as we walk in, I’m struck silly because the guy behind the counter is wearing a chic, fancy Burberry type surgical mask.


Real Man and I couldn’t look at each other because we had a case of the giggles (okay, Real Man doesn’t giggle, but you know what I mean).

The scary part was that we weren’t sure if he was afraid of being infected by us or if he was afraid that he was going to infect the food.

The latter, we chose not to think about.

Real Man pointed out that he didn’t wear gloves, so he was clearly afraid of something airborne, but not so worried about handling filthy money all day.

Anyway, we sat down and started to eat.

While we ate, the monkeys chatted away and it was just a nice meal.

I sat facing the window and I could see, reflected in the glass, an older gentleman, sitting alone, a few tables behind us.  He kept turning and looking at us.  Real Man gestured and mentioned it, as well.

Real Man also mentioned that the man was wearing two baseball caps.

One on top of the other.

Didn’t know that baseball caps could be worn in the layered look.

At one point, he got up and actually walked over to the table.

He said, “So, I see you are all eating potatoes.  Do you know where the first potato came from?”

After getting over our “Huh?” moment, the monkeys started trying to think of where the first potato came from.

He finally said “The ground.”

Kids thought it was hilarious, but laughed quiet nervous laughter.

I’ll be honest, I was getting a little nervous myself, but Real Man was there, and I had no doubt that no matter how this went, we were safe.

Then he asked how old the monkeys were and once we told him he nodded and said, “You know, this seems like a really happy family.  Just a happy, happy family.  It’s good to see.”

And he smiled and walked away.

Routine trips out are never boring for our family, so this was just another typical outing for us.

Shopping temptation, people in masks, joke telling, dual-cap wearing strangers approaching.

And a happy, happy family.

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