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September 27, 2009

Afternoon at the Library

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The monkeys and I hit the library once a week, every week. 

We take out tons of books and then one dvd for each monkey. 

Baby Monkey likes to start reading his books right there, in the library.  He’s an instant gratification kinda guy.

library 005

He goes from one book to another.

library 006

Monkey Girl likes to look things up on the online card catalog.

library 003

Gotta tell you…online card catalogs rock my world. 

Remember when you used to have to pull out a little wooden drawer and find the index card with the book you were looking for?

Now you can cross reference, check if other libraries have what you want, reserve things, place things on hold.  My favorite is being able to renew items from home by just logging in.  So convenient!  Love the helpfulness of the high-tech library.

library 004

Now, today was the first day that Monkey in the Middle noticed the computers.  He usually spends most of his time pulling out one dvd, then finding another one and putting the first one back, then getting another one and putting that one back, etc. 

However, today he was lured to the computer.

library 002

At our library, there are a few computers that have kids games on them.  So, he found Pajama Sam: Thunder and Lightning Aren’t So Frightening.  Despite the fact that we have this game at home, he was thrilled, so I let him play for awhile while I read to Baby Monkey and Monkey Girl searched for some more books.

We left with 3 dvds and a pile of Halloween books.  I’ve always loved the library and I am so pleased that I’m instilling that love in my children.  It’s such a part of our lives that I know that they’ll grow up to continue to be library users.

Makes a mama proud.

And, on the way home, even though I have a minivan that seats 7 quite comfortably, my monkeys like to all squish together in the back seat.  They’d always rather be together than be apart…even just separated by a seat.

library 001

Makes a mama prouder.

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