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June 26, 2011

6512 and Growing

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Thanks to Google Reader, I read many, many blogs.

I say it is thanks to GR, because without being able to have the blog updates sent to one, central location, I’d never be able to stay on top of them all.

Seriously…it’s a great thing.

You should try it.

Anyway, one of my favorite blogs is 6512 and Growing

Rachel, her husband Dan and children Col and Rose lead a completely different life than I do.

And while I am more than happy and satisfied in my life, every now and then, I’d like for my family to switch places for hers, so that my children could have some of the life experiences hers are exposed to every day.

While I could definitely forgo the hunting and skinning of the animals (works beautifully for them, I’ll take the deli case at ShopRite) it just seems to be such a peaceful and “authentic” life.

Today’s post had me longing for the switch, again.

Visit her blog, if you get a chance, and read about her 3 day camping trip, an experience the likes of which they have often, and I challenge you not to wish that you, too, were spending your days as they do.

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