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June 19, 2011

Why I Love Her

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Monkey Girl had her long-awaited (4 months overdue) birthday party this weekend.

It was a roller-skating party and it was fun.

A lot of fun.

Monkey Girl asked her friends to forgo bringing her a gift, and to instead, please bring a donation to the local food pantry.

This wasn’t an original idea of hers; a friend of hers did this with a party earlier in the year and she really liked the sentiment behind it.

She toyed with it for months.

Then, when it was time to send the invitations, she decided she definitely wanted to do it.

And so, when we wrote the invitations, we asked that, in lieu of a gift for her, to please bring a donation for the food pantry.

Wow, did her friends comply.

She had 8 friends come to the party and look at everything they donated:

When she saw the pile put on the coffee table like that, she felt good.

Looking at the picture, I realize it doesn’t do it justice.  It goes back to cover about half of the coffee table.

When we bring it to the food pantry this week, she’ll feel even better.

Man, am I proud of her and impressed by the generosity of her friends.

It was a good day.

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