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November 30, 2011

What Was Old…

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…now is new!

The basement is finally complete, and we are enjoying moving all of the toys and related kids “stuff” back into the basement.

It’s nice to not be tripping over bins and boxes spread throughout the house as we worked on the basement.

I think the best thing about the basement being complete (after being gutted thanks to Hurricane Irene) is that the toys that were packed away during the renovation are now out again, and the kids are acting like they are brand new toys.

Cars that haven’t been played with in years are suddenly the coolest thing ever, and games and trucks that were long left and forgotten are once again basking in the glow of a child’s cherishing.

We’re not completely up and running, yet, but it’s good to know we’re on our way.

And, I think I might start a toy rotation, where I hide a few toys away every few months, then let them make a reappearance, much to the joy of the monkeys.

Feeling great about everything being back in it’s own space, once again!


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