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December 30, 2009

More Visits with Friends

Today, another one of my BFF’s came to see us.

Erin was in town with her girls, visiting her parents, and so they came over today and spent a couple of hours.  We were very happy to see each other.

See our smiling faces?



Okay, well, it has been said that I resemble Ms. Witherspoon and that Erin resembles Ms. Diaz, so I figured, maybe you’d fall for it and think that was us.  Not so much?  Eh…I tried.

Anyway, she got here and I pulled out my banjo and she pulled out her guitar and we enthralled the children with our playing and singing.


Again with the no?

Man, you are a tough crowd. 

Hey, while we’re on the subject of old Victorian photos, have you ever noticed that no one was blonde in the Victorian era?  I don’t think I’ve ever seen a picture of a blonde person in one of these photos.  I wonder why that is.  Perhaps because we blondes are just too cheery and full of life for these serious and dour photos. 

Yes, that must be it.

Anyway, it was good to see Erin.

We talked books, which I love.  Erin and I are book friends and are always swapping books and trading stories about good books that we’ve read. 

The monkeys played with her girls, although my Monkey Boys were not having the best day.  Both were pretty tired, due to their getting up at the crack of dawn, and there were many tears and lots of fussing.  Erin’s poor girls probably didn’t know what to make of them.

Erin and I, as moms, knew that it was just a general tiredness and that they’d probably nap once Erin left.  The boys were pretty adamant that they weren’t tired.

After Erin and the girls left, the monkeys and I went to pick up my van, which is now all fixed.  Yeah! 

It took 20-minutes, round-trip.

Need I say more?

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