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April 22, 2012

My Top 20

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Today, I’m sharing my Top 20 most played songs, according to my iTunes account.

Mind you, I do a lot of DJ-ing for my peeps in the nightclub (read – for the monkeys in the kitchen) so many of these are combined favorites, but I don’t play music I can’t get into, so if it’s being played, I’m liking it.

1.  In My Head – Jason Derulo

2. Dynamite – Taio Cruz

The first two are the most frequently requested from the monkeys.  In particular, from Baby Monkey.  I could play Dynamite 20 times in a row and he’d ask for a 21st.  He loves to dance to this song.

3.  Not Over You – Gavin DeGraw

We all love this one.

Case in point:

4.  Tonight Tonight – Hot Chelle Rae

This was our favorite in the fall.  Dance Party in our house in the fall was completely made possible by this song.

5.  Sk8er Boi – Avril Lavigne

This one is all me.

I love it.

Love the idea of an underdog making it big and sticking it in the faces of all of those who thought they were better than him.

6.  TikTok – Ke$ha

I like it.

Monkey Girl likes it (despite it’s inappropriateness).

We like to dance to it.

7.  Only Hope (Karaoke) – Original by Mandy Moore

This is all Monkey Girl.

She is dying to sing this for a talent show or something.

She sang a bit of it, unaccompanied, for her American Idol class, after school, but she’s still dying to do the whole thing.


8.  Ours – Taylor Swift

A sweet, sweet little girl sang this at my school’s talent show, about a month ago, and it stuck in my head.

I played it for Monkey Girl and she fell in love with it, too.

So, now we sing it as often as possible.

9.  Spiderman Theme Song

10.  Theme from Batman

Can you even begin to guess whose requests these are?

11.  Mr. Brightside – The Killers

This song has always stuck in my head.

Just something about it.


12.  Golden Age of Chocolate

This is one of the songs from Willy Wonka, which was the play that I was the musical director for, in early March.

The kids love the soundtrack, and this song was their favorite.

13.  In Love With a Girl – Gavin DeGraw

It’s Gavin DeGraw.

Not sure what else I can say about that.

14.  Always Be My Baby – Mariah Carey

Such a fan, such a fan!

Early work only, though.

Something happened after she made it big.

The rest of her stuff just didn’t reach me as much.

15.  You Belong With Me – Taylor Swift

Monkey Girl owns the rights to #15’s placement.

16.  DJ Got Us Fallin’ In Love – Usher

Another one that is all Monkey Girl.

This may actually be the one song in my Top 20 that I don’t love.

But she does.

So, we listen.

17.  Hook – Blues Traveler

I believe I’ve shared, previously, how this song has calmed all of our babies.

We have another baby.

We listen to this song.

18.  Jar of Hearts – Christina Perri

I love her voice.

She’s got the cool, low, scratchy voice thing going on and I love it.

Also, who can resist a lyric like “You’re gonna catch a cold from the ice inside your soul?”

19.  Chew It

Another Wonka song that the kids enjoyed.

20.  God Only Knows – The Beach Boys

One of my favorite Beach Boys songs.

Added Bonus –

Song #21

Come Go With Me – The Beach Boys

Because, apparently, just one Beach Boys song never really does it for me.

Gotta have two.

February 14, 2012

Happy Valentine’s Day!

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It’s not love related, but it’s our gift to you!



February 5, 2012

Babbling or Brilliance?

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Okay, okay…I realize it’s probably just baby babbling that sounds like a sentence.

Like when Monkey Girl was a few months old and Real Man said “I love you” while changing her and she replied “Love you!”

Or, she replied “Uh Ooh” and as first time parents, we were sure she was speaking real words to her Daddy.

Or, she was a genius.


On Tuesday, Tiny was sick and was grumpy for most of the day.

He hadn’t napped more than a half hour at his sitters, and napped for only a few minutes in the car on the way to the doctor.

By bedtime, he was a grumpy mess.

So, I decided to text Helena, his amazing sitter, a “night-night” video message.

I held up my phone, prompted him to say “night-night,” thinking he would wave his arm at her like he does when he says goodbye, or hello, or night-night, or stop it, or that’s funny, or hey, that’s my toy, or anything else he wants to say excitedly.

Instead, apparently, he told her he wanted to go to bed.



March 17, 2011

A St. Patrick’s Day Video Greeting and Funny Story

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Love that kid.

So, the nursery school where we’ve sent all the monkeys does a bang up job on St. Patrick’s Day.

Particularly the teacher that they all had for their 3-4 year old class.

We’ll call her Mrs. S.

The famed leprechaun, Seanie “O’Gravy” (who I am convinced is really Seanie O’Grady, but my children were all adamant it was “O’Gravy”) comes to the classroom every year and just wreaks havoc on the room.

Chairs upside down, leprechaun footprints on the tables, toys askew.

It’s a real mess.

The kids love it.

Every year, they (starting with Monkey Girl) would ask if the leprechaun was going to come to our house, and we would say “No, he seems to just go to school!”

And then…

A few years ago, when Monkey in the Middle was about 3, the leprechaun came to our house.

Monkey in the Middle was in two classes at nursery school.

A M, T, W class and a Th, F class.

So, St. Patrick’s Day was on a Thursday.

His M, T, W class had their party on Wednesday, so he ate all the green food his tummy could handle.

The next day, St. Patrick’s Day, the monkeys woke up and were going about their morning routine of eating breakfast and getting dressed when Real Man and I hear a shriek from the upstairs, hall bathroom.

“He came!  He came!  Seanie O’Gravy came to our house!!!”

I looked at Real Man and he shrugged.

He looked at me and I shrugged.

So, we raced up the stairs to see what all the fuss was about.

Well, suffice it to say, there was a green poop in the toilet.

No joke.

The kids were dancing around the hallway like fools, screaming and yelling that the leprechaun DID, in fact, visit their home!

They were sure it was because they had been so good, he couldn’t resist causing a little mischief in their house.

They.  Were.  So.  Happy.

Real Man and I couldn’t stop laughing.

Tears streaming down our faces.

Neither of us had the heart to explain that it was the result of Monkey in the Middle and his green food from the day before combined with his penchant for forgetting to flush.

Yes, it’s a story that only a parent could love, but it’s also a little reminder of how easy it is to make children happy.

The leprechaun visits our home every year now.

It doesn’t take long to flip bowls upside down, put out cookie and brownie mix instead of cereal or forks and knives instead of spoons.

It’s not hard to sprinkle some green glitter around and use your thumb to make leprechaun footsteps through the glitter.

It doesn’t take a genius to realize that, sometimes, the simplest things bring the most joy.

So, Seanie O’Gravy has struck again at our home, this year, and the smiles on the faces of the monkeys are enough to ensure that he’ll be back every year, even when they are too old to care anymore.

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