My Real Life

September 6, 2015

Amazing Grace

Back in February, I wrote about the Little Church where my father was performing as a substitute minister.

A lot happens in half a year, and my Dad started, today, as their permanent pastor.

For his first Sunday, he asked if Monkey Girl and I would be willing to come a sing, as the choir was still on summer break.

We agreed, and tried to find something to sing together.

But, then it was the end of summer, and then school started, and to be honest, I’d remember we needed to pick something when I was laying in bed at night.

So, on Tuesday, we picked our song, and on Sunday morning, we figured out an arrangement.

It feels so good to sing with my girl, even when it’s last minute and I’m not sounding my best.

I love singing and I love her and I love listening to her sing, and so it’s a win-win-win.

A few people had asked to hear a recording of us, and so here it is.



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