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November 19, 2009

Yep…I’m a Teenager

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I am trying desperately to stay awake tonight, because I have plans with 3 of my friends to go see New Moon tonight.

I loved the Twilight series of books, and loved the first movie.  I absolutely cannot wait to see this one tonight.

Now, many girls are what they call, “Team Edward.”  In fact, most Twilight fans are “Team Edward.”  This means that they want the main female protagonist, Bella, to end up with the vampire named Edward.

I, always looking to buck the norm, am totally “Team Jacob.”  Jacob is the werewolf friend of Bella’s.  New Moon is Jacob’s book.  Edward leaves Bella, granted for her own safety, and Jacob is there to pick up the pieces.  Oh, be still my heart!

So, I’ll let you know how it went, and now that my new laptop is all up and running and Monkey Girl is happily using my old laptop, I will be back to Monkey stories by the weekend.

Oh, and I want to throw out a hearty congratulations to my high school friend, Jen, who had a beautiful 6 pound baby boy, Rocco, today.  Big, BIG congratulations to Jen and her family!!!

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