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March 23, 2010

Tea and Sympathy

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After Erin and I got off the train at Penn Station, we headed the apartment that Michaela shares with her husband, Michael.

Once there, we hugged and said our hello’s to Michael, then the three ladies headed to meet up with Kim at a little place called Tea and Sympathy.

This place was tiny.

Like, there are only 7 tables in the joint tiny.

But SO cute and full of ambience.

We met Kimmie outside and eventually they called us in.

First of all, we all ordered tea, and when you order tea, it comes in your own, cutie-pie teapot, shaped like utter coolness.

I made a village with our teapots to show you.

Can you stand it?

Mine was the Queen Elizabeth I teapot.

I’m cool with that.

I like to think I’d be a total badass queen,  just like she was.

Then, it was time to order.

I got a delicious scrambled eggs with cheese and 7 grain toast. 

The toast was…was…

Well, there really are no words for how good this toast was.

Michaela ordered spaghetti on toast.

It gave me pause to hear her order.

It gave me giggles when her order arrived.

It was actually spaghettios on toast.


Halfway through, Kim’s carefully attuned eye caught an actress who used to be on Guiding Light come in the door.


Anyone used to watch Guiding Light?

Fiona was British (how appropos) and was dating Buzz.

This is going WAY back.

Anyway, it was my brush with fame for the day.

It was a great time, and a delicious brunch with three remarkable women.

I’ll tell you about the High Line tomorrow.

I know you can hardly wait!

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