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February 26, 2012

Just One More

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Okay, so the monkeys are not the only February birthdays we have in this family.

We also sneak in my brother-in-law, my sister-in-law and my mother.

That makes 7 February birthdays in an extended family of 27.

Just about 1/4 of the birthdays for the year in one month.

This year, my Mom turned 70.

And this year, I took a gamble, and decided to surprise her with the surprise party she has always said she would kill us if we threw her.

Because, the lady dosh protest too much, methinks.

Or, in English, (or, at least,  the English most normal people, who don’t go about quoting Hamlet, use), I think she was lying.

So, I played sneaky squirrel, enlisted my Dad’s help with the guest list and addresses and went to work.

I’m not embarrassed to pat myself on the back about this whole shindig.

It is not easy keeping a secret like this from the woman who spends a good part of each day in my house.

She even gets our mail, and I thought our cover was blown when one of the guests RSVP’d by mail instead of by phone.

However, I played it cool and let my inner Meryl Streep shine and fudged my way out of that one.

I have to say, I think it was a success.

Here’s the progression of surprise as she walked in the door.

And, although it will take you seconds to look at this, believe me when I tell you, she made this face and didn’t speak for a good three minutes.

I kinda thought she might be having a stroke or something, at one point.

However, she eventually smiled and enjoyed herself.

And, later, when I asked if she was mad, she answered “Only a little bit.”

So, the final birthday of February was a success, and now…

I rest.

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