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September 18, 2011


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We are puzzle people.

We love crossword puzzles, word search puzzles, mystery puzzles, logic puzzles.

Basically, if it’s a puzzle, we are in.

We particularly love jigsaw puzzles.

We all will work on them, but Monkey in the Middle is really the puzzler, out of the kids. He can focus on a puzzle for hours if an adult is working with him. Not sure if it’s the puzzle he loves or the adult one-to-one interaction that keeps him there, but the puzzle stamina is impressive.

When we are on vacation at the beach, we usually have a puzzle going on. we arrive with about five for the week and buy more while we are there.

This past summer, toward the end of our last beach week, I went to the Ben Franklin and picked up n awesome looking, 750 piece puzzle.

However, time got away from us and we only got to start it. So, we broke it down and brought or home.

We were still moving in and unpacking, so we didn’t open it ip again for about a week.

It’s been almost a month now and yesterday morning, we finished it. The two of us were so happy, we were jumping up and giving each other hugs and high fives.

It was tricky, but we stuck with it and were successful and learned some lessons along the way.

1. You cannot work a jigsaw puzzle while holding a baby.

2. It is impossible to not lose pieces to a 750 piece jigsaw puzzle when you have four children. it’s complete, but there are three holes where the missing pieces belong.

3. Completing a project with one of your children is a great, great feeling.

4. Monkey in the Middle is a freaking spacial relations phenom. He can pick up any random piece and see exactly where it goes.

5. I need a jigsaw puzzle table.

6. I need a new prescription for my glasses.

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