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June 25, 2012

Still Clearing Out

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I’m still clearing out, around here.

Today I have someone coming to pick up an old printer, and in the past few days we’ve gotten rid of (forgive me if I’ve already told you this) two bins of books, the exersaucer, infant car seat, bag of baby clothes, a bag of trash and broken toys from the basement and a bag of trash from the office, which I continue to plow through.  Cleaning out the junk drawer and the junk basket, both in the kitchen, also yielded an entire bag, and I smile when I open the drawer now.

It feels good to get some of this stuff out.

I’m a constant declutterer, but this is the hidden stuff or the big stuff, now.  Things that lived in drawers, out of sight and unbeknownst to visitors, but known to us.  The secret clutter.

My plan for today is to freecycle, along with the printer, the baby walker toy, because clearly, he doesn’t need it.  When I think back, it was one of those purchases we could have done without.  I bought it, thinking it would help him learn to walk.  He played with the musical buttons on the front, but didn’t learn to walk with it.  No, he did that all on his own.  I’m upset with myself that I fell into that trap.

Anyway, I’ll also see what else can go, today, and perhaps list a few items on eBay.  The boys will be in rec for the morning, so it will just be me, Tiny and Monkey Girl.  I know she’d like to help, and Tiny…well, he’s just inspiring, because the less “stuff” laying around, the less “stuff” for him to get his hands on.

What have you recently gotten rid of, whether through donation, sale, freecycle, or just plain trash?

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