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November 21, 2009

Real Weekend

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It’s been a busy one, for sure.

First of all,   New Moon was great.  So much better than Twilight, and I really enjoyed it.  Still hate Bella, but loved that movie.  I’m ready to see it again, already.

What was not great was that we had to stand in line, outside the theater, approximately 3/4 of the way around the building (okay, maybe 1/2way, but it felt longer) in the rain waiting to get in.  We had our tickets, but had to wait until they let everyone in.  Then, once inside, there was no rhyme or reason and so we just ran from room to room, trying to find seats together.  In the end, Tara and I sat in one theater, in the top row, but at least together.  Matt and Ashley sat in a different theater, in the second row, not even together.  So, the theater management was not impressive.  However, I was able to forget that as the movie began (after the 10 previews). 

The parking lot was a mess, so we got home around 3:30.  Monkey Girl had heard thunder and so was in my spot in bed when I got home, and as I lifted her to take her back upstairs, the thunder boomed again, so the three of us it was.  That meant I didn’t actually fall asleep until 4:30, and that alarm went off at 5:45.

My own fault.  I’m 37, not 13.  Keep forgetting that.

I had a workshop all day at work, and then went to teach three piano lessons. 

I got a call from daycare during one of the lessons that Baby Monkey had a 101 fever and had to be picked up, so I called my Mom and she got him.  My Dad was already at the house, having met Monkey in the Middle off the school bus.  Got home around 5, then at 5:30, the other directors of the spring musical came over to do our casting list. 

We held auditions this Tuesday, Wednesday, and Thursday and Friday night was casting night.  We had a great time and got the show cast.  This year we are doing “Back to the 80’s”, which is a total cheesefest and lovefest for the music of the 80’s and I CAN’T WAIT!  After we finished casting, the girls stayed for awhile and we chatted.  They left around 11:00. 

I came to bed and as soon as I lay down, the coughing and sneezing began upstairs.  By midnight, the second floor of my house sounded like a cholera ward or a nineteenth century orphanage in the heart of NYC.  I was surprised people didn’t show up with Hazmat suits.

So, I got up and medicated and rubbed backs and sang and eventually the monkeys fell back to sleep, but the coughing really did continue all night.

However, despite their lack of sleep, they were all up at the crack of dawn.  🙂

So, I got up and went and taught five more piano lessons, then came home for awhile, tossed in some laundry, and then had to head out to get my haircut.

I’m in the chair and having a nice conversation with the stylist (I usually don’t talk when getting my haircut…it’s one time I can just be silent, but this girl was pretty interesting) and we were talking about the fact that she dyed her hair blonde, but it ruined her hair and that I was lucky I didn’t have to dye my hair, just freshen it up with some highlights because my base is still pretty light.  Then, she steps back from my head and says,

“You know, you are really lucky!  You don’t have ANY gray hairs yet!”

WHAT?!?!??!?  Excuse me?!??!?  Gray hairs?

I wanted to say “What exactly would make you think I am of an age that I would need to be worrying about gray hairs?”

What I said was, “Yeah.”

Gray hairs.  Ugh.  Please.  I can’t even start down that road.

So…finished up with the haircut and came home.  The monkeys were watching The Smurfs, which we got through Netflix, so I sat down with them and enjoyed that immensely.

Then, we headed to my parents for dinner.  My Mom makes a mean spaghetti with meat sauce.  It was scrumptious! 

While there, I gave my Dad a haircut, as he’s preaching the Thanksgiving service at church tomorrow.

The monkeys played with my Dad’s 1950’s legos, which are actually called “Block City” and were my FAVORITE toy at my Grandma’s house when I was growing up.  There is something immensely satisfying about seeing your kids enjoy something that you enjoyed as a kid.

Around 7, my parents started getting a nervous look on their face as the coughing and hacking started to take on stellar proportions.  I think they probably wanted us to get the heck outta there so they could decontaminate the place, but were reluctant to say goodbye to the monkeys…cuz they’re awesome monkeys. 🙂

Around 8, we left and came home.

We live five minutes away.

Baby Monkey was completely knocked out by the time we pulled in the driveway.  I got him out of the car and into jammies before he woke up.

Then, we lined the monkeys up in the kitchen and gave them Benadryl and Robitussin.  They came and snuggled on our bed for 15 minutes and finished watching “Smurfette’s Dancing Shoes” (LOVE that episode) and then up they went.

Right now, it is quiet and peaceful in the invalid ward.  I haven’t heard a cough or sneeze or sniffle in 15 minutes.  I think it’s a record for the weekend.

And, I’m on my way out.

A friend from high school plays in a band and they don’t hit our area very often.  They are in town tonight, so I’m going to go for awhile.  Not late, considering I haven’t actually slept in days and I have to be at chuch by 8 am tomorrow to ring and sing.

I just keep looking forward to Wednesday at 12:45.  After that, it’s smooth sailing, maxing and relaxing, and chilin’ like a villain.

I also plan on arming myself with the camera, so be ready.


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