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November 27, 2011


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One of the features of WordPress is that, although I can’t see who comes to visit the blog, I can see what phrases people typed into search engines that got them here.  I realize that most of the people weren’t actually searching for my blog, but when they searched, they clicked the link and came to visit.

I always get a kick out of the things people searched for and can’t help wondering, sometimes, what exactly they hoped to find.

Some are pretty straightforward:

“Amy Bozza”

I’m guessing that person was looking for me, but I’ve googled myself and there is also an Amy Bozza who participated in a marathon somewhere called Spring Lake, and I’m sure there are many more of us, worldwide, so I won’t be so self-important to assume it was me they were looking for.

“saddle shoes”

Probably looking for some cute shoes and came across last week’s Five Question Friday about what outfit from the past I wish I could wear.

“Eddie Rabbit”

Love that someone typed in “Eddie Rabbit” and they came to my blog.

If he was still alive, he could have googled himself and came here!

Or not.

“monkey amy love”

Hmmm…starts to get interesting here.

A girl named Amy who loves monkeys?

Someone who loves a monkey named Amy?

This blog?

Hard to tell, hard to tell.

“girl smiling with braces and one leg”


Not sure how this led them here, but it’s an interesting thing to search for, nonetheless.

“Alicia Bridges accent”

Love this one, and Erin knows why.

And here are some others that make me giggle, smile and sometimes wonder “What the heck?”

“Pork chops and applesauce, ain’t that swell?”

“Handcuff nurse”

“Zasto va golim”, which is, apparently, Serbian for “Why I Love Him” which, in Serbian has been searched for 3 times to get someone here and 53 times in English.

“Full Diapers”

“I am a glutton for the cane”

“Microwave phrases”

“Took an old thumb”

“Toilets Home Depot”

And, my favorite…

“قلم” (which, apparently, means “fountain pen”)

December 19, 2010


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So, about a month ago, Monkey Girl’s Nintendo DS Lite disappeared.

We’ve been looking for it ever since.

This week alone, we’ve thrown away 6 bags of broken toys and trash looking for this thing.

We have turned the house (and cars) upside down and inside out in the search.

The reigning theory was that my mother moved it when she was here “straightening up.”

However, Real Man proposed that perhaps Monkey in the Middle probably hid it from his brother, and forgot where he put it.

And now forgets that he even hid it.

This theory was solidified yesterday when I asked him where a different toy was and he pulled it from the couch cushions.

“Did you put that there on purpose?” I asked.

“Yep,” he replied.  “I was afraid Baby Monkey would play with it.”

Hmmm…so, the plot thickened.

However, it was just yesterday that we also realized that the game case that has ALL of the DS games in it is ALSO missing.

So, I’m working on a new theory.

I think we went somewhere we were going to have to be for awhile and we packed the DS and the game case, and now they are together, somewhere, in a bag.

Or, they’ve been thrown away.

Anyway, I’m starting to wonder if perhaps it wasn’t ME who moved it in a bag we took somewhere.

At this point, it doesn’t matter.

I’m obsessing about it.  I can’t be in a room without doing a visual scan, like you’d see in some Sci-Fi movie.

The room becomes a grid in my mind, and instead of ultraviolet light or heat lighting up my night vision, it is a small electronic toy that I am scanning for.

And never find.

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