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June 28, 2012

Right Now

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SouleMama, a blog I read religiously, every day, posts a “Right Now” post every now and again.  I love them and thought I’d give it a try, today.

Right now, I am…

listening to Monkey Girl play the piano and loving how much time she spends, sitting on that bench, playing, completely unprompted by anyone

wondering if Monkey in the Middle and Baby Monkey are having a good time at the summer rec playground program

listing all of the things we need to pack for our trip to the beach

hoping the weather report is wrong and that it won’t rain the entire week we are there

yearning for Tiny to wake up from his nap, because it’s been too long since I’ve been able to hold his cool little hand in mine as he leads me all over the Earth

anticipating starting a new book, as I’m in the midst of Game of Thrones right now, and feel like I need to be reading something a little lighter, in conjunction

basking in the warmth and words of a beautiful thank you we received from my friend, Amanda

thinking about making homemade pizza for dinner tonight; we’ve been eating so healthy, but I’m feeling like comfort food today

enjoying the peace that is in my home, at the moment

considering what to purchase with my $25 iTunes gift card that I still have leftover from my birthday; feel like it’s time for some fun new apps, but not sure what to get…or if I should run another contest on the blog and use the gift card as the prize

waiting for the raspberry bushes in the backyard, along the fence, to bloom…eager little children live in this house and the waiting is nearly killing them

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