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July 29, 2010

Woke Up to the Sound of Pouring Rain

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C’mon…a little Skid Row anyone?







Real Man and I woke up to the sound of thunder and pouring rain this morning.

Up on top of the mountain (I know, when I say “the mountain” it makes it sound like we live on Walton’s Mountain or something…”Goodnight JimBob, Goodnight Erin”…wow, am I rambling this morning) the thunder is much, much louder than in the lowlands.

Like, it’s cracking on the roof.

So, we were sure that in no time flat, we’d have five people in our bed.

Yet, it kept storming and no one was showing up.

Finally, we realized they had moved into the living room and had set up camp to watch the storm.


A storm without smushiness?

We couldn’t even imagine.

And then…

…we missed them.

But, man, were they cute!

November 1, 2009

And just like that…

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…Halloween is over.

That’s the only problem with holidays.  There’s so much build-up, and then it just ends.  I guess there really isn’t any way to ease your way out of a holiday, but still.

So, the rain started about fifteen minutes before the town parade and we made the decision to skip it.  We drove the kids to my parents, and then to Real Man’s father’s house, then came home and had some dinner. 

High school friends of ours who live in town and recently got married (Hi Pete and Jen!) had an Open House and so we went over there.  It was really pouring, but they had a tent covering their deck and the kids played in the basement.  We had a great time catching up with people and chatting, and then around 8:30, we came home and Real Man took Monkey Girl and Baby Monkey trick or treating.  Monkey in the Middle decided he wanted to stay home and snuggle with me.  In his words, “I have enough candy.”  Love that kid!

Apparently, there weren’t many trick or treaters in our neighborhood, because as they rang only a few doorbells, everyone just dumped loads of candy into their bags, saying “I need to get rid of this candy…take more!”  So, they came back loaded down with candy and completely ready for bed.

Real Man and I put the kids to bed, and fell fast asleep ourselves.  We set the clocks and thought, “Whoopee!  We get an extra hour of sleep!”


Kids decided to go ahead and get up at 5:30 anyway. 

So, the task for today is to figure out a way to get rid of a gajillion Reeses Peanut Butter cups and Milky Way bars.  Because we only had 3 trick or treaters all night. 

Time to prepare for Thanksgiving!

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