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March 20, 2012

Truthful Tuesday: Surprised

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As I write this, there are 22 votes on the poll from Monday, yet there are 117 hits on the blog.

So, either, no one cares what I write about…they’ll read it anyway,


I get a lot of random hits during the day.

However, I was pretty surprised with the results of the poll, such as they were.

It appears as though the favorite regular feature, by a mile, is Five Question Friday.

And yet…

My numbers are always the lowest on Fridays.

So, although it seems to be the favorite regular feature, it is also the feature that gets the least amount of readers.

Not sure how to interpret that.

I do know that I get the most hits on Mondays and Thursdays, when I don’t run feature posts, so that could be telling me something, outside of the poll.

The least favorite feature is, apparently, Wordless Wednesday, and I gotta tell ya…that kills me.

Wordless Wednesday is like a day off without actually taking the day off.

I guess I should be flattered that people don’t love Wordless Wednesday, because maybe it means that they like to read what I write, and if there is no writing, they’d rather not bother.


My plan was to knock out the feature with the lowest numbers, but I’ll be honest..I need to think about that.

I kindaneed Wordless Wednesday.

And that’s the truth.

March 19, 2012

Your Turn

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So, I’m beginning to notice some trends in my readership numbers, and I thought that it was time to find out if, perhaps, my readership is down some days because you just aren’t interested in certain posts, and then cut the fat.

So, today, if you wouldn’t mind…please take a second to vote.

Let me know which regular feature is your favorite and I’ll see what changes might need to be made!

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