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February 14, 2012

Truthful Tuesday

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Today’s question comes from reader, Heather.

She asks:

Injury or illness ?
I believe we all as moms handle one better than the other….for me, its injury. With the exception of major stuff (which we’ve mostly avoided so far–notice I said mostly) I find injuries to be much more concrete (no pun intended) and much more easily dealt with than illness. Skylar once decided to turn on a halogen desk lamp and proceeded to put her 21 month old finger on the lens til she got a 2nd degree burn. Not fun, but I knew what to do. Illness in my house means incessant whining, tissues all over the house, and battles over nose blowing etc. Not my cup of tea. And you?


I am a phenom in an emergency situation.

I immediately become the calmest person in the room and just kind of switch into soothing action mode.

I don’t know where I learned that, as neither of my parents are particularly good in an emergency.

(Sorry guys, but you know I’m right.)

I’m pretty lucky, because the monkeys are rarely sick, and when they are sick, a little medicine perks them right up and they are fast healers.

I can say that when any of them vomits (which is less often than once a year, which is VERY lucky) it’s just like the scene from Stand By Me…Barf-o-Rama.

I hack and gag my way through the whole thing, but like I said, the monkeys are rarely sick.

So, I don’t have to really test myself.

However, if I’m completely honest, (and if he was completely honest, which I think he would be if you asked him), I’m a terrible, terrible nurse when Real Man is sick.

Because, if he’s sick, half of the team is down for the count, and we need all hands on deck around here.

So, I’m appropriately sympathetic for the first day, but by day two, I can be heard saying things like, “Maybe it’s time to call the doctor,” and “Did you take anything for that?” or “Wow, you’ve been sick for awhile…maybe you’d feel better if you got up and did something.”

It’s not pretty.

I think I might be missing the sick husband sympathy gene, and I feel badly for that because he’s just an awesome man and can’t help it if he gets sick.

(He is the only one of us who never gets a flu shot, but I won’t go there right now.)

So, injury is my area of strength.  Illness…not so much.

February 13, 2012

Why French Parents Are Superior

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I was up at 6:30 on Sunday morning, with the monkeys standing by my side of the bed, talk-whispering one request after another.

“Mom, I need you to put the batteries in my new remote control car!”

“Mom, I need you to get the milk from the top shelf!”

“Mom, I need you to find my church shirt!”

“Mom, I need you to help me open this pack of markers!”

“Mom, I need you to…” do half a million other things as I stumbled down the stairs.

Much of this I was able to remind them that they are perfectly capable of doing for themselves.

As, for the other things, I had one request…

…let me have a little breakfast first.

Some mornings I can get up and get going and it’s no problem.

Some mornings, though, my diabetes reminds me that it is ever present and I really need something to balance out my blood sugar before I can even think coherently.

So, on Sunday morning, I just needed them to have something that we try, try, try to teach our children.


And, so I ate my breakfast, but I did so with 3 little bodies hovering, ever near, daring to say things like “Are you done yet?  Can you do it now?  You could probably do it while you eat!” and Tiny looking at me from the high chair, eyeing up my eggs, thinking, “I should probably eat those, Mama.  You look a little busy.”

The entire time I ate my breakfast, I was thinking about an article that my friend from high school, Meredith, posted on Facebook last Monday.  It was about why French parents are superior, and while I don’t think we, as parents, need anything else to make us feel like we are doing a bad job, since we are our own worst critics, the article was really thought-provoking for me.

(You can read the article here.)

So, this week is going to be an effort in practicing being a French mere, and hopefully, helping my kids train to be a little more like French enfants.

I’ll let you know how it goes.

June 24, 2010

Be Present

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Just a little something to think about.

The Risks of Parenting While Plugged In

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