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May 29, 2011

One Hell of a Week

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Haven’t written in a week.

Here’s why:


Baby Monkey’s long-awaited 5th birthday party.

SuperHero Themed.


Real Man took the day off and we went to the Mother/Father celebration at Monkey in the Middle’s school.

There were happy tears for his great performance and sad tears as we dropped the baby at daycare for the first time.


We also took Baby Monkey to the diner for lunch after the show.


I went back to work.

It was great to be back and Tiny Monkey seems to be enjoying his time with the woman who is watching him.


I’ve downloaded the Hipstamatic app for my iPhone and am loving it!


We got to see Monkey Girl as Mrs. Potts in her 4th grade production of Beauty and the Beast.

So ridiculously proud of her.


I had professional development at work, and afterwards, Tiny Monkey went for a swing!


We hit the diner before the Memorial Day Parade, then headed over to the parade.

Burgers and dogs for dinner and then it was definitely a Dairy Queen type of night!


And now we’re back at Sunday.

It was one hell of a week, in a very good way, and now we begin the next week.

Now that I have a week of back to work under my belt, I think I can definitely get back to my regularly scheduled programming here, at the blog.

Hope you all had a great week as well!

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