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February 23, 2011

Monkey Girl Turns 10!!!

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I guess it’s only appropriate that, in a week full of posts about the birth of my last baby, I talk to you about the birth of my first baby.

Because, 10 years ago, today, Monkey Girl was born.

And my life was forever changed.

For the better.

So very much for the better.

I’m going to refer you to my post about her birthday last year because it has the best pictures of her as a little one, and explains how I felt about her birth.

But, I’m also going to tell you that I consider myself a very lucky woman.

This oldest child of mine is just…remarkable.

Her capacity to love is unreal.

Her concern and care for others, over the course of her 10 years, has always been inspiring.

Kids are supposed to be ego-centric.  It’s the way they are wired.

Not Monkey Girl.

She’s funny, she’s intelligent, she’s creative.

She’s everything I wish I could be.

I love this girl so much, I can’t even stand it sometimes.

And, I hope she always, always knows it.

So, celebrate my beautiful, oldest child with me, today.

She’s worth every second of celebration you can give her.

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