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March 31, 2010

Mall Day

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We’re on Spring Break this week, yet the first part of the week drenched us in rain.

When I say drenched, I mean drenched.

It rained and poured and it sounded like the world was going to fall down around us.

Perfect weather to stay inside and snuggle up.

Also, perfect weather to hit the mall.

Monkey Girl was in need of a haircut, and I hate to waste a sunny day on a trip to the mall.

A rainy day, however…

While Monkey Girl sat in the chair and got the chop-chop, the boys played on the toys outside of the salon.

(If you could just pretend that you didn’t notice that I let Baby Monkey go to the mall in his pajamas, I’d really appreciate it.)

After the cut, we headed to the indoor playground that they had.

I have to say, I couldn’t believe how crowded it was, but even more, I couldn’t believe how many nannies and moms were just sitting there, reading books, not watching their kids.

Baby Monkey got shoved out of a boat, Monkey in the Middle was told to “Get out of here…you can’t play on this,” and Monkey Girl…well, nothing happened to her.  She was way older than anyone else there…she just kinda sat with me and half-heartedly played with the boys, every now and then.

Yet, my kids are serious about playgrounds.

They didn’t let the bullies get the best of them.

Real Man surprised the kids and met us for lunch, as the mall isn’t too far from his work.

The kids thought it was awesome that he just “showed up” at the mall.

After lunch, we went to get the kids cookies at Mrs. Field’s.

It is their big, big treat at the mall.

They each chose a sprinkle cookie and ate.

We rounded out the trip at Barnes and Noble.

Monkey Girl had some gift cards from her birthday, and she had two books to return.

The boys headed straight for the train table while Monkey Girl browsed.

It was a good trip, but when we got home, we were ready to be home.

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December 29, 2009

Our Big Trip to the Mall

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Today we went to the mall.

I believe I’ve shared with you my distaste for shopping before. However, although I cut the boys hair, I don’t mess with Monkey Girl’s hair, and it was time for a cut. So, I made the appointment at the kids hair place at the mall, called my Mom and asked her to join us and off we went.

Even with the appointment, they weren’t ready for us when we arrived, so the kids played on the riding machines outside of the “salon.” We didn’t actually give them a dollar for them, but they had just as much fun as if they were moving.


Then, they were ready. Monkey Girl took her seat and let the work commence.

My feeling about her hair is that I let her make her own decisions regarding length. It’s just hair, it will grow back. As she gets older, if she wants to experiment with color, I’m cool with that, too. It’s a non-permanent way for a kid to express their individuality. With hair…anything goes.

Today, she decided to get it chopped off. She wants it short. I’d think to keep it long for the winter and short for the summer, but who am I to buck the logic of an 8-year old. She wants it short.

While she was in the chair, the boys were waiting just outside the door of the “salon” for Grandma, who ran to Macy’s to pick up something.

I think Baby Monkey was meditating.

But, I could be wrong. He could have also been begging the passersby for change. I hope it was meditation.

When it was done, I thought Monkey Girl looked adorable. She was thrilled. Even now, hours later, I keep forgetting about it until I see her and it keeps knocking me over again, how cute that girl is.

Next, we headed to the Hallmark store where my Mom wanted to pick up some thank-you cards.

The monkeys and I waited outside.

While we did, Monkey in the Middle entertained himself by playing a pretend football game. It was Rutgers vs. Utah, and Rutgers won.

Here he is after catching a particularly difficult touchdown pass.

Go Rutgers!

Then, we hit the food court where Grandma bought the monkeys some lunch. While they ate, I ran and used one of my Christmas gift cards.

When I came back, they were all done and we headed to the kiddie playground that this mall has.

The kids love this place. I have no idea why, but they really, really do.

Monkey Girl is starting to feel a little old for it, but she played for awhile before her newfound “maturity” got the better of her. I don’t want that to start already. I want her to be little and not caring about cool forever.

After the playground, we went to get the monkeys each a cookie at Mrs. Fields (which is the real reason the monkeys love the mall.) They sat with Grandma and ate their cookies, like happy little monkeys.

While standing there, watching them devour their sprinkle cookies, I looked up and noticed the name of a new food stand at the mall.

Seriously? Perhaps they should just have a stand that has a bunch of IV lines that simply sends the cholesterol and fat to peoples veins directly. I mean, seriously, just leave out the middle man!

 Again, I say, ick.

Finally, we went through Barnes and Noble, which is on the way out of the mall.

Ahhh…I love you Barnes and Noble. I truly, truly do.

The monkeys headed for the train table, while my Mom shopped.

I get my love of books from both of my parents. When I was a kid, about three or four nights a week, after dinner, we would get in the car and head to the local strip mall and browse a book store called “The Happy Booker.” We would each leave with at least one book each time, and sometimes more than one book each.

My family and book stores are like peaches and cream, peas and pods, milk and honey. We go perfectly together.

While the kids played and my mom shopped, I looked around the kids section and saw that the kids Christmas books were 50% off. So, I picked up 10.

Then, I saw two books in a series that Monkey Girl loves, but she doesn’t have these two yet, so I picked them up to put away for her birthday in February. I also found a cool scratch and sketch pad for Monkey Girl’s birthday.

When my Mom came back, she watched the monkeys at the trains and I bought the stuff using the rest of my Christmas gift card. Great deals, and no money out of my pocket. Gotta love that!

When I came back, my Mom headed to checkout and I started gathering the monkeys.

At this point, Monkey Girl was all mall-ed out.

On the way home, I ran into Target and returned something. So proud of myself that I fought the lure of the aisles on this trip. I went in, returned and walked out.

Then, my Mom stopped at Kohl’s to buy something, but luckily, she knew right what she wanted.

And, when we pulled into the driveway, Baby Monkey was fast asleep.

I picked him up, carried him through the 20 degree weather, laid him on my bed, didn’t even bother to take off his coat, and covered him with the Giants blanket. This was 3 hours ago.

This is what he looked like, as I typed this blog this afternoon:

Let’s face it…malls are exhausting.

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