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March 6, 2012

Truthful Tuesday

Today’s question comes from reader Jen.

Jen writes:

You, like me have 1 girl and 3 boys. Do you feel you have a different kind of “bond” with your daughter? Don’t get me wrong, I love all my children equally, but for some reason my daughter and I share something different. Maybe it is because she is the only girl, but we have a Mother/Daughter relationship and then a friend relationship. As her mom she respects me, but as her friend, she tells me everything, and isn’t scared to share things with me.

I don’t want to wimp out and not answer the question, but I think I’ve already somewhat explained it with this post from 2009.  Please click the link and read that post and click on the link in that post to get to the answer.

Sounds convoluted, but I swear, it will answer the question and be worth it.

(And if you still feel like I haven’t answered to the best of my ability, I’ll be happy to expound further at another time.)

January 28, 2012

CrowdSourcing Love

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Valentine’s Day approaches, and with it begins the onslaught of commercial ways to say “I love you.”

Because, as you know, nothing says “I love you” better than flowers, which you have to take care of until they (always) die, and chocolates, which you regret eating as soon as they pass your lips.

A colleague of mine, MaryAnn Reilly, has invited fellow bloggers to envision Valentine’s Day in a new way, and to create ways to say “I love you” without purchasing anything.  She calls it CrowdSourcingLove.  She has posted two of her own, and other bloggers are beginning to share their ideas on her blog, as well.

Today, I’d like to share my contribution (hopefully the first of a few) to her project.

Your Story

No one can tell your story like you. 

The first moment you saw him/her.  The first conversation.  The first moment you knew this was something special.

You don’t have to be a beautiful writer.  Just write from the heart.

You’d be surprised how many people have never shared with their partner what they thought in those first moments, or what moment it was when they knew.

Write it down, on paper, in your own handwriting.

There is no story as captivating as the story of your love.

February 14, 2011


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One of the things we say about Monkey in the Middle is that he is someone who feels every emotion more deeply than anyone else.

It’s why he can go from zero to sixty in terms of his anger.

It’s also why he is the biggest snuggle-monkey in the house.

He is me.

When I love, I love deeply and unconditionally and with everything I have.

And today, being Valentine’s Day, is a great reminder of how we should all strive to love with everything we have.

Just walking through the school office, a few minutes ago, there were reminders of how people express their love.

There were at least two bouquets of roses for two teachers, a fruit bouquet for one of our male teachers, and I watched as my friend opened a neat gift from her husband that he sent to school.

In my home, there are reminders of love every day.

Inside jokes and laughter.

Kisses, tickles and touches given on the fly, as we walk by each other.

Laundry and dishes being done without having to be asked.

Valentine’s cupcakes for the kids that Real Man picked up to surprise them for breakfast.

It’s the little things, in our house, that remind us of how much we all love each other.

So, may your Valentine’s Day be filled with both the big and the little reminders of love.

February 20, 2010

I’m Guessing…

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…that right now, most of you are feeling really thankful that I have a full-time job, as you are realizing that if I were home all day, there would be no end to the amount of posts I’d have in this blog that you’d have to make your way through.

So, bear with me through my recovery.  When my pain meds kick in, I feel productive and almost human, but I’m not allowed to move around too much, so board games and blogging it is.

So, in the last few minutes since I last blogged, Monkey in the Middle came in to sniff and snuggle for awhile.

Earlier in the day, we took a nap together. 

It was bliss.

Anyway this evening, he came in, and as we snuggled, he kept trying to make up signals and signs for us to use if we wanted to say “I love you” to each other, but we didn’t want anyone else to know.

Eventually, he came up with this:

I didn’t have the heart to tell him that this is the international sign for “Loser.”

I tried to persuade him to let us hold our “L’s” over our hearts, to further symbolize the love, but he was all about the “L” on the forehead.

So, if you see Monkey in the Middle and I in public and we happen to be making this symbol, please know we aren’t insulting each other.

It’s true love.

October 3, 2009

Once Upon a Time…

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Isn’t that how every great story begins?

Well, I have a great story for you today. Once upon a time…

…there was a girl

buffyamy 001

who met a boy

Rob sitting 001

He was athletic…

Rob football 001

Rob Baseball 001

Rob horse 001

He was smart…

Rob Graduation 001

He asked her to the junior prom…

promj 001 

They dated, they broke up, they remained friends. Eventually, they got back together again.

He proposed and they got engaged…

Engagement 001

She bought a dress…

amywedding 001

Her Dad rented a tux to give her away…

AmyDad wedding 001


…and on October 3, 1998…they got married…

robamyweddimg 001 

…and they lived happily ever after.

October 2, 2009

Big Love

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On July 1st, Ree Drummond wrote this post on her blog, The Pioneer Woman.

I just wanted to say, I get it.


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