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April 10, 2012

Truthful Tuesday: Hot Buttons

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Today’s question comes from Heather.

Heather writes: Do you have a “hot button issue” that you just physically can’t ignore if it’s pushed on FB or in person?

To answer this question, I asked Real Man, because who would know about what makes me hopping mad better than my husband?

And, of course, he immediately began to rattle off a list:

Anyone who is trying to legislate what other people do with their lives or their bodies, namely people trying to make gay marriage illegal and outlaw abortion, and people who don’t know the facts about something and go spouting off about it.

I understand that there are choices that people may not make for themselves, but I do not believe that gives them the right to say that someone else can’t or shouldn’t do it.  It feels like the Stone Age with regards to many things when I hear people say that there is only one way that things can be done.

As for the other, it drives me batty when people say things or post things on Facebook without having all the facts.  I love a rich, full political debate and discussion, but only, only when both sides know what they are talking about and have the facts to back themselves up.  Don’t like Obama?  Okay…I’m fine with that.  But, don’t post a status about how he’s taken away basic human rights or saying he’s raised the debt higher than any other American president, cuz it just ain’t so.  Not a fan of public education?  I’m sorry to hear it, but don’t start quoting test scores when you have no idea what those test scores really show.  And, you should know that it goes both ways.  I wasn’t a fan of George Bush, but I didn’t tolerate misinformation about him, either.

And while it’s not a political issue or one that is even really talked about on Facebook or anything, people hurting children is a stop on a dime, no debate, no discussion, fry their asses kind of topic for me.

You hurt a child, I don’t care the excuse, the story, the reason, there is no rationalization that is acceptable to me, and I want the harshest, harshest punishment for you.

And that’s the truth.

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