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December 28, 2011

Hello, Dolly

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My fear of dolls has been well-documented, I believe, here at the blog.

Clown dolls are a particular problem for me, but any doll can really be an issue for me, if I think about it long enough.

I know I’ve shared the stories of going on tour with our handbell group and needing to sleep in a small, twin bed with Kim, because the dolls in the room were looking at me.

Or, of housesitting, and sleeping on the couch in the family room instead of the guest room because the dolls in the guest room would be mad if I put them in the armoire and it would give them more reason to come alive while I slept and murder me.

Yes, dolls and I have had quite a history.

However, I am fully aware that many people love dolls.

They have large collections and they take great pride in their vast array of dolls.

And I’m cool with that, and I’m cool with those people.

However, the other day, I stumbled upon an article about Demi Moore’s doll collection.

Didn’t know she had one.  Doesn’t seem like a collector of dolls to me.

Of young men, perhaps, but dolls?  No.

As much as I’m terrified of dolls, I’m still curious about them, and so I clicked on the link.


Big mistake.

There are doll collections, and then there are horrific doll collections.

So, sit down, brace yourself, click here, and check out a few of Demi’s dolls.

And tell me you don’t think they are some of the creepiest things you’ve ever seen.

I dare you.

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