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January 23, 2011

Good Things Come in Small Packages

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So, I love Entenmann’s chocolate chip cookies.

The soft baked kind.

I have always loved them.

Our love is deep and true and goes back many, many years.

However, it is a forbidden love, and I don’t often indulge, because, faced with a box, it is difficult to pace myself.

So, imagine my utter delight, today, when I was at Target and in the dollar zone were these:

One dollar for a mini-box of Entenmann’s chocolate chip cookies.

Bought a box.

Just one.

Got home and cracked it open.

Oh, save me!

Not just a few cookies, but a boxful of delicious, soft-baked, chocolate chip goodness.

I thought there would maybe be 5-8 cookies inside.

There were, like, 15.

They were delicious.

Now, I need to try very hard not to go back to Target ever again.


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