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November 20, 2010

Girl’s Day Out for Harry Potter

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So, Monkey Girl and I had a day at the movies, today.

We went to see Harry Potter.

We’re Harry Potter buddies, she and me.

We loved the movie.

I had a thought, midway through.

Why isn’t there a Team Harry and a Team Ron?

I mean, I realize they aren’t vying for the heart of Hermione, nor are the Harry Potter books a love story.

But still…isn’t that what we do?

Pick sides?

Or, is it not cool to pick sides when both of the contenders are friends?

I digress.

We loved the movie.

Then, we hit the library.

We picked such classics as “Walter the Farting Dog.”

Our sophistication is sometimes just too much to handle.

It was a good day with my girl.

Ah, it’s always a good day with my girl.

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