My Real Life

May 17, 2010


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Apparently, even Mother Nature is a chauvinist.

I mean, seriously, Mother Nature.

We expect such treatment from men (and here I speak of “men” in a general term…Real Man would never behave in such a manner).

We don’t like it, but it is there.

But to be betrayed by our own kind?

Et tu, Mother Nature?

I came across this article this evening, and couldn’t believe that even in our own chemical makeup, the guys get the perks.

Peanut butter and pizza…health foods for the guys, while we get flaxseed and collard greens?

Where is the justice?

Someday, there will be a day when a man forgoes the chocolate and peanut butter ice cream cone for fear it will go to his hips, and the women asks for a third scoop.

That, my friends, is the world I dream of for my daughter.

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