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June 25, 2011

Five Question Friday…on Saturday!

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1. What is your current favorite tv show?
Hard to pick!

For comedy, I love Modern Family.

For drama, I love Bones.

However, there are about 30 other shows in my line-up that I love almost equally.  These two just get a little edge over the others.

2. What’s the worst haircut you ever got?
That would be the do-it-yourself haircut I created when I was 4.
It wasn’t supposed to be a haircut.
I was watching Sesame Street and Big Bird was making a nest for himself, and I thought, “What fun!”
My hair was almost to my behind, it was yellow and straw-like.  Wouldn’t THAT make a great nest?
So, I cut all my hair off to above my ear on one side of my head and tried to fashion it into a nest.
Needless to say, my Mother was NOT happy, and there was much screaming and yelling and crying for the rest of the day.
Lesson to parents…Sesame Street is a bad influence.
3. What was something that you did as a child that you thought you were so cool for doing?
I’ve always been pretty self-aware, so I have always known that ‘coolness’ wasn’t something I was ever going to achieve.
I was more Jan Brady to the Marcia’s who were my friends.
The Ugly Betty to the Vanessa Williams that surrounded me.
So, coolness and I have never really been on speaking terms.
However, when my friends all got braces and retainers and I was blessed with perfectly straight teeth, I was jealous.
So, I took a paper clip, uncurled it and tried to wear it on my top teeth, like a homemade retainer.
Looked like a retainer to me, and I felt like one of the cool kids with the metal mouth.
I believe this story is further evidence of my complete lack of “cool.”
I have many, many stories like this.
4. Do you have any GREAT frugal family fun tips?
The library.
There is so much to do at the library.
We can spend hours at the library, reading books, playing on the computers, selecting books to take home then putting them back because we couldn’t wait to read them until we left the library, getting other books, taking out movies.
In the summer they have kids book clubs, lunch with the librarian, Friday movie showings, craft sessions, etc.
It’s the best, free place  you can go.
5. Would you drive across country if you had the money to fly?
I love to fly.
Seriously, love to fly.
I actually wanted to be a pilot.  It was my dream.
Until we found out that my eyesight was too bad to ever get behind the controls of an aircraft.
Crushed dream #1.
Anyway, I love to fly, so you would think my answer would be to fly.
However, I’ve recently been thinking about how much I’d love to rent an RV and drive with the family cross-country.
I would just love the family-togetherness and opportunity to see the country.
I’d want to take the Blue Highways (fantastic novel if you’ve never read it) and see the pieces of America that don’t show up on the travel websites.
Can’t do that from a plane.

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