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August 23, 2011

Curb Your Enthusiasm

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I’m desperately wanting to start off this post by saying something like, “I can’t!  I just can’t curb my enthusiasm for this show!” but there are limits to the depths of cheese which I am comfortable with.

So, instead, I’ll just let you in on my newly discovered secret, which is Curb Your Enthusiasm.

People have told me I should watch this show for years.

I am an enormous Seinfeld fan, and the show is by (and about) Larry David, who was the c0-creator of Seinfeld.

However, we didn’t get HBO.

We changed our cable package, when we moved, and we are now getting HBO, but CYE is in it’s 8th season, and I figured it was too late to come to the show, so I still didn’t watch.  Thought, maybe, I’d start from the beginning on Netflix.

But then I downloaded the HBO Go app (for free) to my iPad (which is a post for another day) and I discovered that I could watch all of the episodes (for free) from the beginning of Season 1.

I gave it a try.

Good Lord, I love this show.

So very, very funny, in a similar yet different way from Seinfeld.

My kind of humor.

Real Man watched an episode with me a few days ago and commented “Why did we wait so long to get HBO?”

So, if you get HBO, or even if you don’t, but you do have Netflix or some other streaming service, you might want to give Curb Your Enthusiasm a try.

A seriously hysterical show.

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