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June 26, 2010

A Date

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For Father’s Day, I bought Real Man tickets to a Mets game.

The game was today.

He took me.

The George Washington Bridge was at an absolute standstill…

…meaning we missed Prince Harry, yes, Prince Harry (to whom my mother says I am related from way, way back) throw the first pitch.

I was really looking forward to hobnobbing with the royals.

The traffic also meant that by the time we got to the stadium, the Twins were winning 2-0.

By the time we actually got to our seats (which were excellent!) the Twins were winning 4-0.

It was still the first inning.

The final score was 6-0, Twins.

All I wanted in life was Popcorn.

Apparently, Citifield was out of Popcorn.

None of that mattered.

It was a great date.

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