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March 8, 2012


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Let me share with you our latest acquisition from the world outside our door.

Nice, huh?

It’s funny…

In the old house, we had miles and miles of woods behind our house, but we never found this kind of stuff.

Here, it’s house after house after house, with little pieces of woods in between (and the farm behind us, but it’s not a working farm) and yet, every time we turn around there is some part of an animal in our front yard or driveway.

Hopefully it’s not some supernatural warning to our family, like we’re living in a house built on an ancient Indian burial ground, or a pet cemetery (although we are pretty sure there is a cat or two buried in the backyard, whose ghost walks around the house, from time to time).

The kids are pretty hyped about the fact that this particular skull still has some teeth in it.

There have been some hypotheses floating about that it’s a plant eater because of the flat teeth, and then another child will point out that the sharper teeth (like the one in front that the plant eater fan is willfully ignoring) probably already fell out.

They’ve been guessing what type of animal it is based on head shape and size and the shape of the eye sockets.

It’s been a great find because it has absolutely sparked the creativity and thoughtfulness in the monkeys.

I’m not sure I’m interested in knowing what kind of skull it really is, because then the fun of guessing and theorizing is over.

I can’t even begin to imagine what our next adventure will bring!

January 30, 2012


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Saturday was chilly, but not frigid, so the monkeys and I bundled up and headed out to do some adventuring.

Some might call it just a walk.

We call it “adventuring.”


Because my boys are always looking for treasures when we’re out, and when they find them, they call the walk a “Grand Adventure.”

This particular adventure yielded some interesting finds for us.

An abandoned bee hive.

A nail buried in the earth.

And the coolest find of all, (which was actually found in our yard), an abandoned deer antler.

(No worries…our hands were washed copiously after we got inside.)

Baby Monkey wants me to post this picture of his “pointy thing that came out of the trees.”

He says he knows there are hundreds of them in the neighborhood, but he thinks this one was the coolest.

Monkey Girl didn’t find anything, but came along to add to the aesthetics of the neighborhood.

It was a good adventure.

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