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May 29, 2012

Truthful Tuesday

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No question to answer today.

Just a story.

18 years ago, Memorial Day weekend 1994, Real Man and I were just friends.

We had dated for a few months in high school, and had dated for a few months our freshman year in college (him in NJ, me in Ohio), but even though we had broken up four years earlier, we were still friends.

When I graduated, early that May, and came home, we were hanging out a lot and were realizing that we had never really gotten over each other…the timing just hadn’t been right before.

I was ready to start dating him again, because at this point, I was convinced he was “the one.”

He wasn’t so sure.

Not that he didn’t think I was “the one,” but we had tried it twice before and it hadn’t worked.

What would be different this time?

Memorial Day weekend, he and I decided to drive down to the Jersey Shore together.

We spent the day on the beach at Seaside Heights.

We people watched, we swam, we napped, we laughed.

And, in the late afternoon, we talked, and Real Man said, “Let’s give it a try.  It’ll either be the biggest mistake of my life, or the best decision I’ve ever made, but let’s go for it.”

18 years, (almost 14 of them married), 4 kids, 4 houses, 5 jobs (between us), 7 cars, pounds up, pounds down, arguments, make-ups, tears and laughter later, I’d like to think it was the best decision we ever made.

So, here’s a Happy Anniversary (of sorts) to my sweetie, my love, my life.

And that’s the truth!

May 22, 2012

Truthful Tuesday

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Today’s question comes from Jeff.

Jeff asks: If you had group therapy with yourself and the members of the group were you at various ages (teen ager, twenty year old, thirty year old, forty year old, fifty year old and sixty year old)?  What would each member of the group be working on(yourself at different ages), or will be working on (future ages)?

Great, great question, Jeff…

Looking around the group, I’d see teenage me.  Let’s say, at 15.

That girl would, most likely, be working on feelings of invisibility.  I went about my days feeling largely invisible, at 15.  I had my friends, but no one else really seemed to notice me.  This wasn’t always a bad thing, as I love to observe, and being unnoticed meant that I was completely free to watch everyone else.  However, that feeling that no one really saw me was definitely something that wore on me, as time went on.  To an extent, it follows me, even as an adult.  Real Man and I continually bump into people we graduated from high school with and they’ll say “Hey!” and shake Real Man’s hand and chat with him and then ask to be introduced to his wife.  Real Man will say, “You remember Amy?  She graduated with us?”  They look at me with blank, apologetic stares.

So, that quiet 15 year old is working on not feeling invisible.

Next to her, sits a 25 year-old young woman.  She’s there to work through the responsibilities of adulthood.

At 25, I was teaching 8th grade Science at a school that I loved.

I was making money, I was sharing a house with Mike and Nita, my roommates.

I was dating (and was about to become engaged to) Real Man.

Life was good, for sure.

However, 25 is young.  Very young, and at 25, you feel so adult, but at 40, I can look back and say “How young it is to be 25!”

Paying rent, having a job that required me to get up at 6:30 in the morning, teaching piano lessons after school, paying off debt, getting my first masters degree, thinking about marriage and the future.

It wasn’t hard…it was wonderful.

Yet, it was new and challenging and required a lot of self-reflection, and so this 25 year-old woman is working on being an adult, while still feeling a teenager in so many, many ways.

The 35-year old woman in the circle is in the midst of a life-changing decade.  In the course of 5 years, she had given birth to 3 children.  She had moved into her third home with her husband.  She had changed school districts, had taken on more responsibility at work, had enrolled in her second masters and principal certification program, was diagnosed with diabetes, was diagnosed with Kikuchi Fujimoto disease, which led to a neck surgery which, accidentally, severed a major nerve in her neck, and endured sinus reconstruction surgery.

Throughout it all, she had discovered the endless joys of motherhood, deepened her already strong bond with her husband, found how strong she could be and what she could endure and survive, and come to grips with the fact that her life would never, ever be about her again.  Life was busy, and exhausting, and rewarding and good.  What she is working on is how to maintain a bit of herself in a life that was all about taking care of everyone else, without feeling guilty about it.

The 45 year-old me will have a 16 year-old teenage daughter, and boys who are 13, 11, and 6.  It will be a life full of sporting events and plays and concerts and college visits.  She’ll, likely, spend most of her life in the car and life will be a contradiction of a child getting ready to leave school and another just beginning.  Proms and first concerts.  Drivers permits and first lost teeth.  It will be a time of hello’s and goodbye’s and will be tearing at her heart in more directions that she ever imagined were possible.  Luckily, she won’t be alone, and she and her husband will be each others greatest support and comfort.

So, this 45-year old woman will be working on how to deal with beginnings and endings without feeling as though the world is crashing down around her.

Finally, the 55 year old woman will be in a home where there is just one child.  Her 26 year-old daughter will (hopefully) be off on her own, with a job and a life that is not dependent upon her.  Her 23 year-old son will be in the same situation and her 21 year-old son will just be beginning an independent life.

She and her husband will, after so many years, be in a home with just one child, a 16 year-old boy, and it will be an adjustment.  They will begin to be thinking about an empty nest, and what that will mean for their lives.  They will probably be beginning to plan for retirement, although that will still be at least, AT LEAST, ten years away, probably more.  If I know this woman, (and I think I do), she will be starting to feel a bit of guilt about the stirrings of excitement of being able to start planning for things like long-term travel and other things that she and her husband were not able to do with a house full of children.  She will miss her children, terribly, but will, hopefully, be comforted by the knowledge that they are self-sufficient, happy adults.

So, this is a woman who is planning for the future, enjoying the present, and beginning to let go.

The 65-year old woman could possibly be a grandma, so, although I think I will ROCK grandmotherhood, I don’t really want to talk about that possibility right now.

May 15, 2012

Truthful Tuesday

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Today’s questions come from Heather and Jen.  Heather and Jen were nice enough to create a list of questions for me to answer today, so thanks ladies, and on with the show!

1.  The most important lesson I’d like to teach my children is___________.

To be kind.

I really just want them to be good people.

How we treat others is so very important, and I just want my children to be kind.

There is so much thoughtlessness in the world, I want them to be mindfully kind.

I don’t think people always are meaning to be unkind…I think they just don’t think hard enough to realize that kindness is a choice.

Makes me sad.

If everyone were more kind, the world would be so much different.

2.  Which would be harder for you to hear…..the honest but difficult truth, or a nice but obvious bold faced lie?

Harder to hear?

The lie.

I’m pretty good at sniffing out lies, and I find lies to be the ultimate in disrespect.

So, if you are lying to my face, in my mind, you don’t respect me.

Always tell me the truth, even if you think it will hurt me.

I will appreciate that more than you could ever know.

3.  At the end of your life what would you like people to remember you most for?

This goes hand-in-hand with Question #3.

I’d want people to remember me as a good person.

That would be enough for me.

4.  Peas or spinach?


I love peas, but I hate spinach.

I know how good it is for you, but ick.

5.  Fat and funny or skinny and no sense of humor?

Oh, fat and funny, as long as it was true humor and not self-deprecating funny.

I so appreciate a good sense of humor, and people who can make me laugh are always good with me.

Although, with my diabetes, it’s kind of important that I not be fat, so healthy-weighted and funny would be optimal for me. 🙂

6.  What’s one place you really want to go, but need to use your kids as an excuse?

I really, really want to go to Harry Potter world at Universal Studios in Florida.

And, I don’t even bother using the kids as an excuse.

I just want to go.

However, it’s entirely helpful that the kids want to go, too.

7.  Milk out your nose or sand in the bathing suit?

Milk out my nose.

It happens once, it burns, it usually happens because I’m laughing, and then I’m done.

Sand in the bathing suit is a tragedy that never really ends.

You find those grains of sand for DAYS afterward.

So, milk out my nose.

8.  Truth or dare?

I’d take either.

Not afraid of dares and always willing to tell the truth.

And that’s the truth!

May 8, 2012

Truthful Tuesday

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I have a confession to make.

I guess, as far as confessions go, it’s not a huge confession, because it’s not much of a secret among those who know me, but after re-reading what I’ve already written, it does make me feel a little pathetic.

I love television.

I’m not a trendy TV watcher.

I know the big thing is reality tv, and EVERYONE is watching it, but it doesn’t hold much appeal for me.

I watch The Bachelor and The Bachelorette and the first few episodes of Dancing with the Stars.

I will admit to even watching the last season of Bachelor Pad.

I’m embarrassed by that one.

I give Big Brother a good ole’ college try each season, but usually am out two or three episodes in.

Overall, reality tv doesn’t do it for me.

I love shows with stories.

Shows that let me take a break from reality and get lost in the story of some fictional character.

Shows that are more like books than like real life.

It’s why I love movies and Broadway, as well.

It piques my imagination.

Normally, people can enjoy television and it’s not a problem.

I am not one of those people.

The problem lies in the fact that as much as I enjoy television, I enjoy being outside and playing with my kids more.  I love tv, but have a hard time sitting and watching tv, because there are so many other things I could be doing, so, I record things and then they build up until I get the message that I don’t have any more memory left on the DVR and it’s time to either sit down and watch for three days, uninterrupted or start deleting.

Let me share with you what is currently on my DVR.

The Office

30 Rock


Modern Family


The Middle

Private Practice


New Girl




Desperate Housewives

The Mentalist

Rules of Engagement

Fairly Legal







Up All Night


Criminal Minds


Happy Endings


Breaking In

The Vampire Diaries

Gossip Girl

Once Upon a Time

Game of Thrones

In Plain Sight

Seriously.  This is like digital hoarding.  Someday, there will be a TLC show about me.

And I’ll DVR it.

So, it’s time to cut the proverbial fat, my friends.  And I’m going to do it here, as I type, because I need to be held accountable.

First, we have the non-negotiables.

These are shows that I will not, under any circumstances delete or stop recording.  They are just that good.

Modern Family, The Middle, Suburgatory, New Girl, and Happy Endings are the comedic non-negotiables.

I watch Modern Family and The Middle with Real Man, and we both enjoy them.

Suburgatory and Happy Endings I watch alone and they make me smile.

New Girl I watch alone (although Real Man seems to be in the room more and more when it’s on) and I laugh like a freaking hyena.  Absolutely non-negotiable.

My non-negotiable dramas are: Unforgettable, Fairly Legal, In Plain Sight, Castle, Criminal Minds, Game of Thrones and Once Upon a Time.

Unforgettable and Once Upon a Time are shows I watch with Monkey Girl.  We DVR Unforgettable and try to watch Once Upon a Time when it’s actually on.  It’s like our Sunday night date.

Castle, Criminal Minds and Game of Thrones are shows I watch with Real Man.  Castle: one of the smartest shows on television.  Criminal Minds: just so enjoyable.  Game of Thrones: satisfies the inner (and outer) geek in both of us.

Fairly Legal and In Plain Sight are cable shows that I really enjoy.  I think cable shows are so witty and entertaining.  In Plain Sight is ending this season…in fact, the episode I have DVR’d is the series finale, so I don’t feel badly about keeping this, since it will be no more.  It’s okay, though, because over the summer, I love Necessary Roughness, another cable show, and that will take it’s place.

Now, I have some that can go immediately

Private Practice – used to watch, lost interest, tried to watch again, diligently recorded, don’t care.  Gone.

NCIS – Love me some Leroy “Jethro” Gibbs and really love me some Agent DiNozzo.  However, I’m not loving the show anymore and when it’s time to watch something, I never pick this.  Buh-bye.

Desperate Housewives – I’ve never been a regular watcher, but it’s the final season and I love beginnings and goodbyes and so I tried.  Unfortunately, I’m not loving the lives of the women on Wisteria Lane, so farewell, ladies.  You had a good run.  Just not with me.

Scandal, Awake, Touch, Bent, Breaking In – They all intrigued me when I saw the commercials.  So, I recorded all the episodes.  Never got around to them.  Clearly, they didn’t intrigue me enough.  See ya.

Gossip Girl and The Vampire Diaries – Deleted.  But, I’m cheating.  I love these shows that are 100% not made for people of my demographic profile.  So, I watch them on my computer when I’m folding clothes.  Gotta love

Grimm – I’m a big fan of the supernatural.  In fact, Supernatural, is a show I used to record pretty regularly until I realized the stories were just being recycled.  Love me some Sam and Dean, but how many times can they die and go to hell and come back and chat with God and Lucifer like they were high school football buddies?  Grimm, despite it’s good intentions, also appears to be a one-trick pony.  Guy is descended from the Grimm brothers and can see the creatures and is trying to do right by the world by getting rid of the evil beasties.  I get it.  I saw it.  I’m good now.

GCB – I really, really enjoyed the first three episodes of this show.  Then, I kinda lost it.  It was a too passionate romance.  We fell in love, burned like wildfire, and then petered out.  No staying power.  Sorry, GCB.  You weren’t the one.

Up All Night – I will pretty much watch anything with Christina Applegate.  I’ve always been a fan.  Add Will Arnett and Maya Rudolph and you should have GOLD!  Except, it also has one storyline and it’s played out.  So, away it goes.

The rest are harder to deal with, as there are mixed feelings involved.

Relationships.  They’re tough.

The Office.  We’ve been together a long time.  A very long time.  But, it’s gone through some changes and I don’t think it’s weathered those changes very well.  Steve Carrell…I miss ya, buddy.  James Spader…You should have called it a day with Sex, Lies and Videotape.

30 Rock and Rules of Engagement.  These are shows that Real Man and I watch together, but we don’t always keep up with them.  We’ve missed episodes, here and there.  30 Rock is hysterical.  Tina Fey is one of my favorite funny women.  Genius.  Alec Baldwin.  Horrifying human being.  Wonderful comedic actor.  Rules of Engagement.  Since his days as David Puddy, I’ve loved Patrick Warburton.  Add David Spade and I’m good to go.  However, neither Real Man nor I can stand Oliver Hudson’s wife in this show, and I’m not a great fan of Warburton’s wife, either.  Get rid of the women and I’d love this show more.

We love House.  I love Hugh Laurie and am absolutely intrigued/repulsed by/in love with Gregory House.  He’s a train wreck and I can’t stop watching.  I haven’t been totally loving this season.  However, we keep taping and keep watching, albeit weeks and weeks after the original air dates.  Tough call.

Bones and the Mentalist.  Love Bones.  Love David Boreanz.  Angel was one of my favorite characters EVER and I’d watch anything with David Boreanz.  However, I’m so backed up on this show, I haven’t even watched the one where she had the baby, yet.  I’m on the fence.  I love the Mentalist, as well.  Just a good cast with good stories.  Except…I really don’t like Robin Tunney as an actress.  Nothing against her, personally…I’m sure she’s lovely.  I just don’t quite gel with stuff she’s been in.  And, she and Simon Baker don’t really have any chemistry, and I kinda miss that in a show.  Eh…I don’t know.

Glee.  Love to dance.  Love to sing.  Would have loved to have gone to a high school where it wouldn’t have been frowned upon to just burst into song at random times, and where I would have had a backup band whenever I did so.  So, despite the almost painful-to-watch storylines this year, I keep watching.  We’ll see if I give it another year.

Revenge.  I’m digging this show.  Seriously.  But then Daniel got arrested and I haven’t watched any more episodes.  Not sure why.  I think I’m just wondering how they can keep this story going, and instead of watching and seeing, I’ve just kinda turned my back on it.  I don’t know.  Just don’t know.

And finally, Smash.  I’ve recorded every episode of this show.  Haven’t watched a one.  Everyone says it’s a show that I would fall in love with.  But, seriously…you’ve read this post…I just don’t think I have time for it.  I’m kinda saving it for summer.  We’ll see.  It’s tempting just to delete them all and let them go.

So, there it is.  While you’re all watching fashion reality shows or The Voice or American Idol, I’m watching (or recording) these things.  Through this post, I’ve deleted quite a few, and I think I have a few more to go, but don’t judge me.  I don’t drink, I don’t smoke, but I like my television.  And yet, I can give it up pretty easily, too.  Erin and I didn’t turn on our tv once in Cancun, and get my nose in a good book and I’ll forget we even have a tv.

I’ll play outside, go for a hike, play a board game, or read a book; all before watching tv.  But, when I do settle down for some tv time, I’m in for awhile.  It’s my vice.  Deal with it.

May 1, 2012

Truthful Tuesday: Heartbroken

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I had a different Truthful Tuesday set for today.

Then, my friend, Bonnie, sent me a link to a blog.

I clicked, I read, I cried and cried and cried and I remembered, once again, how ridiculously lucky I am that my babies are all strong and healthy.

By sharing today, I’m doing my part to help spread the story and help her meet a goal on the list.

Please visit the blog and read.

And as you read, remember how very, very fortunate you are, in your own life.

Avery’s Bucket List

Edited to add:  I just went to Avery’s blog at 10:10 am 5.1.12 and found that she passed away last night.  Heartbroken doesn’t begin to describe it.

April 24, 2012

Truthful Tuesday: Friendship

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So, the truth for today is that I love Mexico.

At least, I love the Excellence Riviera Cancun Resort.

Or, to be more specific, I love the Excellence Riviera Cancun Resort when I’m there with Kim, Erin and Michaela.

You know that I turned 40 this year, and since we’re all the same age, you can conclude that these three turned 40 this year, as well.

We haven’t traveled together since our days in the handbell choir in high school, where we went to Michigan, Virginia and Bermuda together.

In youth group, we hit upstate New York and Tennessee.

But, since then, the four of us haven’t been anywhere together.

Kim and Erin have taken vacations together, Michaela and Kim have taken vacations together, but I got married early, and didn’t go anywhere with them.

So, we all decided for 40, we were going.

Over the next few days, I’ll be sharing pictures and stories from our trip.

However, for today, I just want to share the feelings from the trip.

There is nothing like spending time with people who know every single thing about you.

Who know things about you that you don’t even know.

People with whom you share a history.

While standing in the customs line, in the Mexico airport, we watched the customs workers type on the keyboard and then stamp the passports.

Kim said, “That’s your kinda job, Amy” and she was exactly right.

But, I don’t know how many people know, that while I’m all about my creative side, how much I love that kind of work and find it very satisfying.

When we got to the hotel, Erin and I (who shared a room, while Kim and Michaela shared a room), went to check out our balcony.  We heard a knock on the door, and I got excited and started to run for the room, forgetting that the screen was closed.  I ran headfirst, at full speed into the slider screen and bounced right off and back onto the balcony.

I wasn’t embarrassed, I wasn’t self-conscious.  I was with Erin.

I laughed and laughed and laughed.  We laughed until we cried and our sides hurt.

Kim and Michaela couldn’t figure out why we weren’t answering the door, and then when we were finally able to compose ourselves enough to answer the door, we were still laughing so hard, we couldn’t speak, and when we finally could, we laughed some more belly laughs as we tried to explain the story.

We were all glad to come home to our boyfriends, husbands, children and homes, but I think it’s telling that we’ve already sent about 8 emails back and forth between us all, today, after just spending 4 days, non-stop with each other.

I love these women.

And I can’t wait to tell you about our trip!

April 17, 2012

Truthful Tuesday: Quirks

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Today’s question comes from Heather.

Heather writes:

Do you have any really “bizarre” quirks? Like, I rarely if ever buy the same toothpaste two times in a row. I just can’t. I get bored with toothpaste flavor and style and truly, I can’t buy the same one twice. It’s so odd I almost can’t admit it but I just did.

Once again, I turned to Real Man, who, apparently, doesn’t know that the correct answer to, “Honey, do I have any really bizarre quirks?” is “What???  Are you crazy?  You are the perfect woman!  The perfect human!  Quirks?  Ha!  You laugh in the face of quirks!”

Instead, he began to rattle off a list.

1.  When I eat Reese’s Peanut Butter Cups, Eggs, Trees, Hearts, and whatever other shape they come in, I eat all the chocolate off, until I am left with a weird, misshapen lump of peanut butter.

Then, I put it on my tongue and smush it up against the roof of my mouth.

Then, I try to swallow it and my voice gets all icky and chokey.

And I love it.

Not eating my Reese’s like a normal person.


2.  We try to watch tv in the living room, as we have a beautiful tv in there.

However, some nights, I can tell I’m going to fall asleep, and I hate falling asleep on the couch and having to move, so we go upstairs and watch in bed.

As we’re watching, I think I’m awake.

I’m positive I’m awake.

I hear Real Man say, “Amy, are you awake?”

I say, “Yes.”

He says, “I don’t think so.”

And, at this point, I realize my eyes are closed and I open them and find Real Man’s hand in front of my face, where it has been, apparently, for five minutes.

Not being able to admit when I’m asleep.


3.  The moment I wake up in the morning, Real Man can tell if I’ve had asthma in the night, whether or not he woke up when I used my inhaler.


Because, when I have asthma, even when I’m sleeping, I scratch the lower right side of my cheek.

And I scratch it until it bleeds.

I don’t even know I’m doing it, but I do.

Every time.

Scratching the heck outta my face when I can’t breathe.


4.  When I eat M&M’s, I eat them by color.

Now, I don’t make charts and graphs, like Monkey in the Middle:

But, I do like my M&M’s eaten in an orderly fashion.

Neat M&M eating.


5.  I turn everything into a song.


But, Real Man recognizes that he does it, too.

Sometimes we make up the melody, but sometimes we use other songs.

For example, as I am typing this, Tiny is sleeping, but everyone else is up, and we are hanging in the living room.

Monkey in the Middle and I are playing Words With Friends against each other, and he is beating the pants off of me (and no, I do NOT let him win) because he’s got good strategy and he is leaving me nowhere to go.

So, I made one good move and he says, “Mom…you’re killing me!”

And, Real Man and I immediately started singing about me killing him to the tune of “Killing Me Softly.”

It probably went on for ten minutes.

And, after the first three minutes, we started singing in weird voices, and the kids just began to shake their heads.

Putting everything to song and then using a weird voice to sing it.


April 10, 2012

Truthful Tuesday: Hot Buttons

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Today’s question comes from Heather.

Heather writes: Do you have a “hot button issue” that you just physically can’t ignore if it’s pushed on FB or in person?

To answer this question, I asked Real Man, because who would know about what makes me hopping mad better than my husband?

And, of course, he immediately began to rattle off a list:

Anyone who is trying to legislate what other people do with their lives or their bodies, namely people trying to make gay marriage illegal and outlaw abortion, and people who don’t know the facts about something and go spouting off about it.

I understand that there are choices that people may not make for themselves, but I do not believe that gives them the right to say that someone else can’t or shouldn’t do it.  It feels like the Stone Age with regards to many things when I hear people say that there is only one way that things can be done.

As for the other, it drives me batty when people say things or post things on Facebook without having all the facts.  I love a rich, full political debate and discussion, but only, only when both sides know what they are talking about and have the facts to back themselves up.  Don’t like Obama?  Okay…I’m fine with that.  But, don’t post a status about how he’s taken away basic human rights or saying he’s raised the debt higher than any other American president, cuz it just ain’t so.  Not a fan of public education?  I’m sorry to hear it, but don’t start quoting test scores when you have no idea what those test scores really show.  And, you should know that it goes both ways.  I wasn’t a fan of George Bush, but I didn’t tolerate misinformation about him, either.

And while it’s not a political issue or one that is even really talked about on Facebook or anything, people hurting children is a stop on a dime, no debate, no discussion, fry their asses kind of topic for me.

You hurt a child, I don’t care the excuse, the story, the reason, there is no rationalization that is acceptable to me, and I want the harshest, harshest punishment for you.

And that’s the truth.

March 27, 2012

Truthful Tuesday – Albatross

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I believe I’ve spoken before about a few things that I consider to be albatrosses around my neck.

None of them are as bad as the actual dead albatross that the ancient mariner had to carry around his neck, but then, I don’t go around shooting birds, so none of them would be.

Still, they are burdens that I carry around with me and that I am ashamed of.

Today, I share one of these shameful secrets.

It is this:

See this bag?

It hangs on the back of our bedroom door.

Why is this a shameful secret, you ask?

Well, did you ever see the episode ofEverybody Loves Raymond where they come home from vacation and they have a suitcase that just sits at the bottom of the stairs, waiting for someone to pick it up and take it up?

It sits there for, I believe, months, while Ray and Debra wait each other out…seeing who will be the one to crack and take it upstairs, to where it belongs.

Well, it’s kinda like that, except Real Man and I aren’t engaged in a battle of wills over this particular item.

It’s just kinda there.

How long has it been there, you ask?

Well, remember last summer when we went to the beach with my parents?

In August?

Yeah.  Since we came back.

It was a plastic bag that I carried around as we did a final run through to make sure we had all our stuff.

I have no idea what is in there.

Okay, that’s a lie.

I can see that a pen has somehow poked its way through the side of the bag, so I know there’s a pen in there.

The boys tell me there is a helicopter toy in there.

And yet, even they don’t seem to feel the urge to reach in and get it.

I don’t know what it is about this bag.

A mess drives me nuts.

Things not in their place make me itch.

But this bag?

I couldn’t care less about it.

Even now, as I type this, I am sitting on my bed, looking at the bag.

We clearly haven’t used anything in the bag for 7 months.

I should just pick it up and throw it away.

I throw away EVERYTHING.

I know I’ve mentioned this before.

And, yet…the bag.

So, maybe one of these days I’ll take that bag and shove it.

One of my goals, over Spring Break, is to fill a trash bag every day with items to either throw away or donate and get ’em outta here.

Maybe the bag will make the toss pile.

Maybe not.

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March 20, 2012

Truthful Tuesday: Surprised

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As I write this, there are 22 votes on the poll from Monday, yet there are 117 hits on the blog.

So, either, no one cares what I write about…they’ll read it anyway,


I get a lot of random hits during the day.

However, I was pretty surprised with the results of the poll, such as they were.

It appears as though the favorite regular feature, by a mile, is Five Question Friday.

And yet…

My numbers are always the lowest on Fridays.

So, although it seems to be the favorite regular feature, it is also the feature that gets the least amount of readers.

Not sure how to interpret that.

I do know that I get the most hits on Mondays and Thursdays, when I don’t run feature posts, so that could be telling me something, outside of the poll.

The least favorite feature is, apparently, Wordless Wednesday, and I gotta tell ya…that kills me.

Wordless Wednesday is like a day off without actually taking the day off.

I guess I should be flattered that people don’t love Wordless Wednesday, because maybe it means that they like to read what I write, and if there is no writing, they’d rather not bother.


My plan was to knock out the feature with the lowest numbers, but I’ll be honest..I need to think about that.

I kindaneed Wordless Wednesday.

And that’s the truth.

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