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September 21, 2015

Call Me Martha – Part 2

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A few days ago, I was on Facebook, and something delicious came up in my feed.

Bacon? Yes.

Tater Tots? Yes.

Cheddar Cheese? Yes.

I knew I needed to take another foray into the world of attempting to make recipes I’ve seen online.

But, when to make the recipe?

On a Sunday, for sure, because the only thing we love better than watching football on Sunday afternoons is the fall…

Is eating, what we call “football snacks.”

Every Sunday, we throw our, generally, good eating habits to the wind, and consume copious amounts of Tostitos with nacho cheese, pretzels, Doritos, Nachos, etc.

Then, we sit on the couch and cheer until we fall into a gluttonous coma.

Naturally, this would be a perfect addition to our autumn Sunday routine.

I rolled out the bacon:

image1 (1)

Popped in the tots and rolled:


Lined them all up on the foil-lined tray:


Baked at 400 degrees for 25 minutes:


Piled on some cheddar cheese:


Cooked for 5 more minutes:


And we were in heaven.

Monkey in the Middle, who is incredibly health conscious, said, “Oh…these look so bad for you.”

And proceeded to eat three of them.

So, success, and if you don’t care about the horrifying nutrition facts of these, or if you are willing to put them aside for a few minutes (because that’s as long as they actually lasted in our house) you gotta try this.

Satisfaction guaranteed.

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