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January 3, 2015

15 Wishes for 2015

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  1. Take the family to DisneyWorld. Not a need, and definitely a first world problem that we have never taken the kids there, but I’m making it number one on my list because it’s something I’d really like to experience with them.  Although, at this point, I should say “either Disney or Universal Studios” because with most of the kids being older, I think that would probably be the draw.
  2. Participate in at least one random act of kindness per week.  I felt really good about this one, this year, and plan on doing it again, and hopefully, challenging my kids to do the same
  3. Exercise at least twice a week.  Ideally, it would be five times a week.  However, as you’ll see later on the list, I need to be a little kinder to myself this year, and part of that is not setting myself up for failure with unrealistic expectations.  This doesn’t mean I’m not going to challenge myself.  However, I definitely need to learn to pick my battles, and this is one where I’m not going to beat myself up.
  4. Watch less tv.  Hahahaha!!! Oh, that’s a good one.  Okay, but seriously folks…I dvr a lot of shows, and I think it’s time to cut back.  I used to read myself to sleep at night, but have fallen into the habit of falling asleep to the tv at night.  RealMan gets frustrated because I’ll put something on and fall asleep partway through, leaving him watching the rest.  It gets to the point where I’ll put something on, say “Ooh, I need to finish this,” and he’ll say, “Amy, I’ve seen this three times, already, while you’ve tried to ‘finish’ it.”  Truly, I don’t watch tv until after 8:30/9:00 at night, but  if I’m looking for more time to do some of the things on this list, maybe cutting back my shows is a good way to do it.
  5. Make $1,000 by selling on eBay, consignment, etc.  I’m putting this one back on the list for 2015.  We definitely have things we can sell, and I’m always looking to purge things around here, so I want to give this the ole’ college try.  Again.
  6. Blog at least once a month.  Last year, I said once a week.  Didn’t even come close.  This year, I am committed to posting a blog post at least once a month.  Anything else will be gravy, but I feel like once a month will help me ensure quality, and is a reasonable goal for someone with my work/home schedule.
  7. Read 50 books (and keep track!)  I did 46 in 2014.  I’m shooting for 50 in 2015.  When I’ll get this done, I have no idea.  I used to read while on the treadmill, but then I fell away from the treadmill.  So, maybe I kill two goals with one stone this year.
  8. Really go through my closet and be ruthless with getting rid of what I don’t wear.  Totally doing this one this year.  It sort of ties in to wish #5, but I want to write it down so that I’m holding myself accountable for it.
  9. Play piano at least once a week. I miss it.  I just do.  I’ve had my piano since I was 7, and I do some of my best thinking when I’m sitting at the keys, lost in the music.
  10. Write in my journal more often.   I’ve been thinking about this goal, a lot.  Everything I write, I write for someone else to read.  Even my journal, I think about the fact that my kids will wind up reading it when I am gone, so truly, EVERYTHING I write is for someone else’s consumption.  I post a lot on Facebook, whether on my personal page or my blog FB page.  I write in the blog (okay, okay…not often, but sometimes).  I write for my writer’s group, again, sparingly, but I do it.  It almost feels like, when I sit at the journal, what will I write?  I need to start thinking of my journal as just mine.  Just for me, and not worry about if the kids will read it when I’m gone and be upset about what they might read.  Because, the truth is, with as much as I write for everyone else, I still need an outlet for myself.
  11. Get published, again.  By published, I don’t necessarily mean in book form, although, let’s be honest…that’d be incredible.  I would love to be published anywhere.  I’ve been on Huffington Post, I’d love to be on Scary Mommy or some other blog.  I’d take a fiction website.  And, of course, being in another anthology or publishing my own work would be amazing.  But, I do want to be published again, because, nothing makes us work harder, as writers, than knowing your work is being read by a large audience.
  12. Re-edit my novel.  It needs work.  It does.  My plan had been to share bits of it with my writer’s group, but I really enjoyed writing new material for them, so I may ship it off to a different writer friend (any volunteers) to give me some good, hard, critical feedback.  Then, I’ll move from there.
  13. Shred and pare down all of our files. Keeping this one for 2015, because it’s so necessary.  It’s one of those things, though, when I have a little spare time and look at this list, I think, “Do I want to sit on the couch and read or shred some files?”  I won’t insult you by telling you which one wins every time.
  14. Entertain more.  I did this last year, and enjoyed it.  I plan to do even more of it, this year.  We’ve made a great circle of friends and we just enjoy spending time with them all.  Hoping to do much more of it in 2015.
  15. Be kinder to myself.  I can’t fix it all.  I want to.  Desperately.  But I can’t.  I think I need to accept the AA motto of “God grant me the serenity to accept the things I cannot change, the courage to change the things I can, and the wisdom to know the difference.”  There are definitely things within my control, and those that are outside my control.  I don’t have to hold myself responsible for everything.  And so, I start with making this a list of 15 things, this year, instead of 20.  Because 15 is a lot.




    Comment by Teresa Capella — January 3, 2015 @ 5:15 pm | Reply

    • Thanks so much, Tquift! 🙂

      Comment by Amy — January 3, 2015 @ 5:39 pm | Reply

  2. You know I am a huge Disney freak and highly recommend taking the kids. My kids are 21 and 19 and have a total blast every year. You are never too old and there is always something for folks of all ages. You would even be amazed at the senior citizens we see there absolutely loving it all.

    Comment by Leigh Haynes — January 3, 2015 @ 10:54 pm | Reply

    • Working on it, Leigh…working on it. 🙂

      Comment by Amy — January 3, 2015 @ 10:59 pm | Reply

  3. re: #9- reverse all your hangers. Only turn them around once you have worn the item. After 3 months- you will see what you haven’t worn. BTW- I’m going say DITTO to many of your goals- making them for Jb as well. Thanks for the lead! love ya!! jb

    Comment by jb — January 4, 2015 @ 11:53 am | Reply

    • 🙂 Unfortunately, I’ve tried that. Then, at the end of the 6 months ( I do 6 to account for changes in season) I don’t like the way the closet looks, so I turn them around again. And still don’t donate. Cuz I’m lazy like that.

      Comment by Amy — January 4, 2015 @ 12:21 pm | Reply

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