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February 3, 2014

Time to Hang it Up

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So, I realize I’m a week late with this post, but it’s been marinating in my brain and I decided I’d just go ahead and write it down.

I was fairly good with the Grammy Awards, last week.

I liked the idea of pairing people who normally wouldn’t be together and mashing their music.

It kept things interesting.

So, I was pretty happy.

Until Madonna came on stage during Macklemore and Ryan Lewis’ “Same Love.”

I love that song, and it was a perfect time, if any that night, for Madonna to take the stage.

I caught a glimpse of her and I thought, “Yes!” because I am a huge Madonna fan.

Always have been.

She caught me from her very first song and I have followed her all through the years.

And since I’m such a big fan, I feel like I can say this…she’s not a very good singer.

She never has been.

She’s okay.

A lot of people sing as good as Madonna.

But no one (used to) perform like Madonna.

It’s like the old Britney/Christina rivalry.

Christina Aguilera clearly had the superior vocal cords.

Britney couldn’t (still can’t) sing, but her showmanship was top notch.

Madonna has always been fierce and edgy and a talented, talented performer.

So, I was looking forward to something…fantastic…when she came out during “Same Love.”

But it wasn’t fantastic.

It wasn’t even good.

People said “Oh, I can’t believe how awful she sounded.”

Eh.  It wasn’t great, but then she’s never sounded too great.

Not quite this bad, but never fantastic.

The problem was, we were actually listening to her sing because she wasn’t performing.

She walked out with a cane and just kinda stood there, singing.

It reminded me of how they used to wheel Liz Taylor out in the gowns that just hung on her body and she would meekly lift up her hand and wave.

It felt like Madonna was decades older than her 55 years.

So, I thought, maybe she was sick.  Let me give her a break.

But then I watched the Miley Cyrus/Madonna pairing on MTV’s Unplugged.


That was so bad (on both parts) it wouldn’t even make our middle school talent show.

But, this isn’t a post to bash Madonna.

Quite the opposite.

I write about these two performances because they made me so sad.

Madonna was fierce.  She was force.  She was power.  She was larger than life.

Now, she’s been reduced to cameos that are lackluster at best.

I mentioned LIz Taylor earlier.  I hated when pictures were posted of her in that chair.  The same way I hated when they’d keep bringing Dick Clark out for New Year’s Eve.

And I hate that I feel like Madonna is reaching that stage.

It’s sad to see.

So, Grammy’s…while I appreciate your intentions of having Madonna join in on that powerful song, maybe we don’t bring people out if they aren’t going to impress.

I mean, I love Chicago, but who would have ever thought that someone would utter the words “Chicago rocked it way harder than Madonna?”

It’s a sad way to end a phenomenal career.



  1. Trying too hard to remain relevant. Should just let the memories of 1984 stand on their own. :0(. Her body has taken a beating after all these years of grueling performances. I think I’d just watch “Truth or Dare” when you need your Madonna fix. It’s far less sad to see her in her heyday. :0)

    Comment by Heather P. — February 3, 2014 @ 9:54 am | Reply

  2. I only saw a snippet of that MTV performance and both my husband and I turned to look at each other and asked if we both just saw the same thing. Unreal. HUGE train wreck!

    Comment by myliladventures — February 3, 2014 @ 6:20 pm | Reply

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