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July 29, 2013

My Alone Time

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Saturday night, I was working on a migraine and needed just five minutes of alone time.

Just five.

So, I snuck into my room and lay on my bed and pulled out my phone to check my email and Facebook.

Within two minutes, this is what my room sounded like:

Memo (3)

I pretended like I was still on my phone and recorded it all, because if I had let them know I was recording, they would have stopped, and I’d have no evidence to share.

It started with Monkey in the Middle coming in with his trumpet, followed by Baby with the guitar.

Then Monkey Girl brought in Tiny, who was, apparently asking, “Where’s Mom?”

Then Monkey Girl started singing.

One day, it’s going to be very quiet in my house, and I’ll miss all of this noise.

That day was not Saturday night.

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