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April 25, 2013

Karaoke, Baby

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It’s National Karaoke Week, my friends, and if there was ever a week that I was down with, it’s this one.

Here’s a little reminder:



So, yeah…Karaoke Week.

It’s hard not to love Karaoke.

Even people who don’t sing well can rock Karaoke.

(And, yes, I continue to capitalize the word “Karaoke” because I think that is the respect it deserves.)

I believe the last time I participated was after Kim’s engagement dinner.

Along with a variety of other songs, I think it was my serenade of Real Man with Christina Aguilera’s “Ain’t No Other Man” that finally broke their sound system.

Karaoke is just fun.

I came across this article, 15 of the Most Requested Karaoke Songs.

Pretty sure I’ve sung at least 10.

When I’m with the girls, we always like to make sure we hit up some EnVogue or Salt-n-Pepa, with a bit of Bon Jovi mixed in.

Then, it’s always a mix for our personal choices.

So, I’m curious…if you are a Karaoke kinda person…what are your go-to songs?

Leave ’em in the comments!  Maybe you’ll inspire me for my next go-round!

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