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April 23, 2013


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This past Sunday night, 60 Minutes did a piece on the 9/11 Museum in NYC.

Joe Daniels, the President of the 9/11 Memorial, was interviewed as he explained how decisions were made about what to include, and exclude, from the Museum, which will open next year.

One of the sentences that really struck me was when Lesley Stahl said that when the museum opens, no one under the age of 17 will have any real, first-hand memories of the events of that day.

That really blew my mind because I remember every single second of that day as if it happened yesterday.

I’m gearing up to take the 8th graders to DC, and we visit many museums and memorials and I’ve always wondered how they decided what would be displayed and what wouldn’t.

This was pretty eye-opening and, of course, I couldn’t be prouder of Joe, whom I’ve been proud to know since 7th grade.

If you missed it on Sunday, please take some time and watch today.

60 Minutes Interview with Joe Daniels

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