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February 21, 2013


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1.  When left to their own devices, the amount of dirty outfits is always higher than the pairs of dirty underwear in my boys closet.

2.  For the past three months, Baby Monkey has been trying to convince me that he doesn’t sleep at all during the night.  When I tell him that I go check on him and kiss him in the middle of the night and he is fast asleep, he tells me that he’s faking.  I am quite tempted to carry him to another part of the house while he is sleeping just so that I can hear the story he makes up about how he got there.

3.  Today, Baby Monkey started singing “Here Comes the Maid…Here Comes the Maid.”  We watched our wedding video with the kids last night.  Coincidence?

4.  I may be the only viewer of Downton Abbey who wasn’t upset when Matthew Crawley was killed off on Sunday night.  Oh…sorry…spoiler alert.  From the second the actor announced he was leaving, I was annoyed and was ready for his character to meet a fiery death.  So, although I didn’t get the fire, he wound up with a car on top of him and that was fine with me.

Because, see, I like the way the Brits work.  They aren’t so cowed by celebrity that they’ll write a ridiculous storyline to ensure that an actor can come back if he/she changes his mind.  Like, remember on Days of Our Lives when they put Dr. Drake Ramore in a coma so that… wait, hang on…

The Brits, they say “You’re quitting our show because you think you can do better elsewhere?  Fine, have at it.  But, we’re killing you off so you can’t fall back on us when your ‘big break’ doesn’t pan out.”

I respect that.

5.  My Mom is reading this right now and she wants to comment that the reason I love the Brits is because I am part British.  However, let me be clear.  If #4 was about how I like the Germans, she’d say it was because I was part German.  And if it was about how I like the Swahili, she’d say it was because I’m part Swahili, because, according to my Mother, I’m a little bit of everything.  Oh, and I’m related to everyone, as well.  The Roosevelt’s, the Queen of England, perhaps even Sacajawea.  Okay, I made the last one up, but she does say that I get my cheekbones from the native American side of the family.


6.  I realize I am not fooling anyone with the demure-sized servings I give myself at dinner every night.  We all know I’m finishing up whatever is left on everyone else’s plates when I clear the table.

7.  Part of the reason I want to be cremated when I die is because I know I won’t be happy with my hair (or my outfit) and eternity is a mighty long time for a bad hair day.

8.  If it was socially acceptable for me to go to bed at 7:00 pm, I totally would.

9. I haven’t gotten my car washed in over a year because I just don’t have the energy to clean it out first.

10. My kids feet stink.  Like, seriously, stinky funky stank.  They are cute feet.  But they stink.

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